Monday, 4 June 2012

This week I'm in love with...

L'Occitane Eau Universelle Citrus Cologne

As soon as I sniffed this cologne, I was in love!
It's the perfect scent for the summer - refreshing, invigorating but sensual at the same time.
The yellow version is unisex and I will have to put it under lock as the husband is showing signs of liking it too much!!! ;)
 ...then, there's Eau Captivante - especially for men & Eau Ravissante for women.

They all come in 3 formats: a 300ml dressing table bottle, a more demure handbag version in 50ml and shower gel.

The bottle, also, is so beautiful and well thought: the herringbone motif is based on the stonework columns of Provencal fountains; the Avignon lettering recall the cast-iron signs of the villages in Provence.
The bottle is HUGE - apparently, with colognes, the pleasure is in the abundance. 
I haven't had a cologne in a long time - probably because many brands don't release them anymore and they tend to stick to eau de toilette and parfum. 
I'm so glad that this format is getting a revival - I'm notoriously too sensitive to smells and I have to shy away to wear a scent, sometimes... these times are gone now!

This is one of the most exciting releases that I've seen, recently... I want them all!!!
Curious much?! :)

*pr sample*


  1. oooh this looks and sounds great, will have to check it out x

    1. You definitely going t love it, I think ;) xx


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