Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Introducing / Rodial

Few weeks ago, Rodial did a flash sale on Twitter with a promo code for 50% off everything on the website - been wanting to try this brand for a long time so this was the perfect opportunity!

First thing I wanted to try was the lip balm... but it was out of stock already (actually a bless in disguise... see below;))... so I went for the Glamtox Kit 'Skincare on the go', perfect way to discover the brand AND including the lip balm as well.

So, let's start with the Glam Balm Lip... it is my least favourite, mainly for the scent: it's a nice rose smell but it's too overpowering and - having that under my nose all day - it's like a fast-track to migraine.
The consistency is nice, tho and reminds me of the Dermalogica Renewal Lip Complex (review here)... so, you can see now why I'm glad I didn't buy the 20quid pot!

lip balm
Second product I tried is the Glamtox Night. This reminds of the Monu Skin Perfector (review here) both for the consistency and smell... and I adore the Monu cream!!!
It does feel a bit light to be a night cream but - apparently - the retinol formula transforms skin overnight and it's performing well so no complaints.

night balm
Then, Glamotox Day SPF15 is also a lovely product. It sinks well into the skin and my foundation goes on smoothly. Again, this has a nice, fresh smell.

day cream
Next, I tried used the Glamoxy Snake Serum. Unfortunately, the sample is so minuscule that I couldn't possibly experience any improvement in frown lines and wrinkles - it last for 4 applications!
Again, a light consistency that you would expect from a serum and I did enjoy using it (that 4 times) so I may give it another go with the full size, once I have finished my current one.

Oh what a joy! I loved loved the Glamtox cleansing Balm and it's my favourite product of the lot, definitely.
It smells and perform as the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm (review here)... but unfortunately, I have to give the edge to EH because of the price. Yes, the Rodial is £50 for the same quantity and that's THE ONLY REASON why I'm not going to re-purchase.

Finally, I ordered the Glam Balm Multi because I read so much about this product but I was expecting something different: I thought it was high performance, intensive face cream,  but I can't possibly see how you can use it all over the face, even with very very dry skin - It feels too greasy (you may notice in the picture)! In fact, you need to squeeze the bottle few times, before opening, otherwise you end up with a blob of oil on your finger.
I would compare it to Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream - without the nasty smell - and I have only been able to use it on my lips.

Overall, my first experience with this brand has been more than positive - I'd love to try some more but, for the price, I don't see it happening soon.
What surprised me the most was the scent.. very natural, floraly... I was expecting something more high-tech and chemical (I don't know maybe because of the polished/metal packaging)... nice surprise.. weirdo, the mind connection you do something, innit?! :)

Have you tried anything from Rodial before?
What would you recommend?


  1. nice! I love the snake serum x

    1. Yeah, the serum is really good - I wanna buy a full size bottle. Xx

  2. I love the Skinny Beach range - I've got the SPF 15 lotion which smells great and also the diet supplements which I've yet to try! x

    1. I haven't used the body range yet but read great things. I'd be interested to see if the supplements work, as well. X

  3. great review! xx



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