Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Neal's Yard Remedies Make Up

I was so excited to find out that Neal's Yard Remedies released a make up collection!
I'm a great fan of this brand - if you have used their products before, you can tell your skin benefits from the high quality ingredients that they use.... and now you can take advantage of that, painting yourself pretty! ;)

This is the first make up collection to be certified by the Soil Association.
The line is enriched with natural minerals and organic ingredients to nurture and care for the skin; also, every product contains antioxidant white tea which has been proven to fight signs of ageing.
I like that - on every box - you get the percentage of minerals/organic ingredients used... and they are all very high!
No Parabens - No Talc - No Silicones as well!

Mineral Pressed Eyeshadow in 76 Oat*
I, absolutely, love the details of these individual eyeshadows: the transparent case with the NYR logo on the front. The pot is very sturdy, too and compact - perfect for travelling!
The shadow is so creamy and applies smoothly. 
I'm loving this taupe colour! I've been using it non-stop for the past week, on his own; no contour and no other colours in the crease... It opens up my eyes, it has a brighting effect and works very well with my green eyes.

Mineral Blusher in 54 Peony*
Again, I like the packaging - the blue matte lid is very smart and although it's compact, there's plenty of product in it.
Peony is such a versatile colour: very light and wearable and it catches the light, beautifully.
Also, it's super smooth and weightless on the skin.

Lip Gloss in 64 Plum*
The lipgloss is my favourite product, definitely!
Actually, I feel lipgloss isn't really correct because it's not sticky at all - it's more like a nourishing tinted balm. Plum looks very deep but it goes on sheer, with some beautiful purple/blue/silver shimmer.
It's very moisturising, thanks to the sweet orange oil and YES it does taste of orange, too - Yummy!!!
There are 9 gorgeous shades and I want Damask Rose next. ;)

There's nothing which I didn't like about this line - overall, I'm very very impressed and looking forward to try some more!
Have you check these out, yet?
What's your favourite NYR product? :)


  1. The orange extrats in the lipgloss tempt me!

    1. Can't blame you - Hehe ;)
      my lips are sooo soft!!

  2. great post!



  3. These look good, especially like the look of the blush! x


    1. It's a very pretty color - not your usual bright pink and very wearable!! Xx

  4. The lipgloss sounds lovely must check them out (not that I need any more lipglosses!) x

    1. They are so smooth and lovely on the lips! x

  5. The containers are so pretty! :)

  6. Ooh, I didn't know they did make up! xxx

  7. We've just launched our Foundations too.......more fabulous Neal's Yard Remedies cosmetics!


  8. Awesome - thanks for the heads up!! ;)


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