Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Recently, I have won a couple of giveaways...

Treacle Moon - Iced Strawberry Dream Bath & Shower Gel 

I won this on We Were Raised By Wolves - It's a limited edition and smells sooo lush!
It, truly, smells like strawberry milkshake and I need to retrain myself, otherwise I'll drink it straight from the bottle. ;)
I like to indulge it in a warm bath - It creates loads of bobbles and my skin feels so soft, afterward.
I find it extremely moisturizing and also love the cute drawings on the bottle.
Go and check Evelyn blog - she has a great review on this product, too.

Natural Radiance Cucumber Collagen Mask

I received this from LolaStar Hearts.
I love face masks but I have never tried this sheet ones... and really looking forward to!
It says it's 100% pulp and you can feel the product being 'gel-like' inside the pouch.
I haven't tried it yet because it says "the cucumber is ideal to restore the skin after UV exposure and create a cooling effect" so I want to save it maybe for when I go to the beach or on holiday and try it at its full potentials.

Did you win any giveaway, recently?
Remember to enter mine here!!


  1. Congrats! these are nice prizes. The shower gel looks great I hope you will review it on your blog :)

  2. Congrats! The shower gel looks lovely xxx


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