Sunday, 16 September 2012

WIMH / Oskia Renaissance Mask

I received another sample to try from
If you haven't discovered this website yet - you can read more in my previous post here.
Personally, I don't sign up for every single trial every week but only for the products that I'm actually interested in - and I was lucky enough to be picked for a second product, last week.
Actually, now you also have the possibility to pay and guarantee your sample which is a good option, in my opinion.
Oskia Renaissance Mask
I didn't know much about this brand, apart from the fact that is very luxurious and I'm always looking forward to try new masks and face treatments.
 The opulence of the brand totally reflects in the packaging too: glass jar in a cotton pouch.
The mask itself looks like a sticky balm in the jar but it's actually not sticky at all on application.
It transforms into a white cream when worked into the skin and there's a slight foam action due to the AHA's eating out at the skin surface, I reckon.
It's still very gentle and not uncomfortable at all; the mask has a delicate and natural scent that reminds me of Monu products (which I love).
 I think this is a fantastic mask!
It left my skin very smooth and deeply cleaned.
The full size 50ml costs £48.50 which I don't think it's that out of this world; in fact, a little goes a long way and I reckon I could get 4/5 applications from the sample.

Have you tried Oskia before? Any product you'd recommend?


  1. I missed out on this but it sounds amazing x

  2. I was disappointed not to get this sample because I'm a bit mask mad at the moment so it would have been wonderful to try! Looks great!

    1. oohh, what a shame :( I'm sure you're gonna get the next sample!

  3. thanks for sharing the link to the website. ive never heard of it, il have a look now. xx

  4. OOOOhhh I love a good face mask!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great week!!

  5. This sounds like a fab mask, what a great sample! x

    1. I know, I was so pleased to receive it!! x

  6. I got this one but not tried it yet. It looks so luxurious x

    1. you'll love it... perfect for pampering at the end of a long week! x


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