Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Review / Maxitone

I've becoming a bit of a fitness freak, lately.
I've always eaten pretty healthy, generally but - let's face it -I'm also pretty lazy when it comes to exercise... or I was!
I started going to classes about 18 months ago and I'm totally addicted now.
I suppose the reason is because I enjoy them so much and I feel good mentally and fisically, afterwards.
You can tell I'm getting obsessed, looking at my recent gym clothes purchases, too. :)
I'm at a stage now that I just need to loose few pounds and it's mainly down to tone up, really.
I've been feeling, I need an extra push on that front and I was thrilled to receive the Maxitone Definity* to try out.
 I have used protein shakes before but only occasionally - 'stealing' an helping here and there from my husband supply; personally, I feel much more confident using Maxitone because is a range specifically formulated for women. 
Definity, for instance, is a high protein shade which will help getting a firmer, more toned and better shaped body... which is exactly my goal.
I have never been a great protein eater; since I was a child, I have never liked the taste of meat so I eat cheese and fish but I always felt I had a protein-intake deficiency.
I was never bothered too much about that but now, going to the gym regularly, I can see that all the hard work doesn't pay off optimally.
These shakes are exactly that: enhance your body toning potential, helping muscles recover and repair after exercise.

They recommend to take 2 servings per day - breakfast and after exercise - but I started off with 1 after the gym and then will increase gradually and tweak my diet as I go; one shake contains 117 calories which is perfectly manageable and easy to integrate in my diet: I'm simply swapping my afternoon snack yogurt with it.
I got the Chocolate because I'm not a fan of fruity flavours but it also comes in strawberry; chocolate tastes very nice (much better than my husband version) and it has been the perfect after-gym fix and keeps me going until dinnertime.
I have only been taking it for a week now but I do believe these products help and make a difference so I'm happy to incorporate the shakes in my daily routine.
There's also a line called Sculptress which is more targeted for weight loss; I wanna try that too but I'm mostly concentrating on building muscles, at the moment, so I have already stocked up on more Definity.
 For more info, you can check the website - there are also bars and tablets available.
If you're interested in trying these products, I highly recommend to keep an eye on the Facebook page because they run offers regularly. I bought my supply with 40% off discount code and you also get a shaker for free, with your first purchase.

Do you use protein shakes? What's your experience?


  1. This is a great post. Maybe if your confident enough you should do before and after photos so you can see the real difference! xx

    1. Hehe no, I don't think I'm brave enough. ;) xx

  2. I started a keep fit regime a few months ago, can't say it lasted though haha! Seeing this post has inspired me to start mine again. Hope all goes well with it :)



  3. I've never used protein shakes like this, I've only ever used Slim Fast! xx

    1. Well, these are quite different. I believe slim fast is a meal replacement whist these shakes are more like supplements, if these makes sense. Just to upper protein intakes and support muscles. I've actually read they're also recommended during pregnancy. Xx


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