Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Liz Earle Sheer Lip Gloss & LE Cleanse & Polish Sneak Peek

Liz Earle Colour - the make up range - is a relatively recent launch in the Liz Earle family; I was - kindly - sent a lip gloss to try and I can report that the quality is high, consistently with their skincare and body care lines.
I already talked about the Sheer Skin Tint here but the range also includes powder and cream blushes, concealer, mascara and even brushes!
Each item is enriched with high-performance ingredients like vitamin E and avocado oil.

The Sheer Lip Gloss is a unique blend of avocado oil and shea butter which leaves the lips super soft and conditioned and dressed with a splash of colour.

The packaging is classy and stylish: clear tube with a silver band and the blue lid with LE monogram.
It has a doe-foot spongy applicator and the product itself is non-sticky, lightweight and the gloss applies uniformly on the lips.

There are more than ten shades available in the collection - we're going from a sheer red to many gorgeous pinks or a more natural clear with just a bit of shimmer.
Honeysuckle 07*, in particular, is a stunning delicate pink with flakes of gold... beautiful on his own, when hit by the sun or also on top of a brighter lipstick to add some extra dimention.

This is a gloss that you want in your make up collection, definitely!
The whole make up range is in keeping with the company ethos and values: making women feel confident, enhancing their natural beauty.

If you're a fan of Liz Earle, there's more great news to be shared!!!

A Special Edition Cleanse & Polish* in support of The Prince's Trust Tomorrow Campaign is launching on the 6th of September!
Liz has been mentoring Rebecca Taylor - a young entrepreneur supported by The Prince's Trust - and together they came up with a special twist for the award-winning Hot Cloth cleanser:
It's the same great formula but with added a unique blend of rose and lavender essential oils to sooth and relax so it's particularly ideal before bedtime.
 The bottle design is also stunning... absolutely beautiful! :)

In addition, Liz Earle Beauty Co. is donating £2 for every bottle purchased to the Prince's Trust and support its work in helping young people into work and training.
There is a limited number of this special edition blend so you may want to get in quickly and secure one (or two or three...) for yourself!
Available from Liz Earle stores, customer centre on 01983 813913, online, John Lewis and QVC.


  1. I'm so jealous you have this lipgloss and the cleanse and polish - it's my favourite of LE's range! I found your fantastic little blog through the BBU blog hop :)
    Claire x

    1. I know, they are both amazing products!! Thanks for following :) x

  2. That gloss shade is divine!! I'd love to try some Liz Earle makeup, I'd also really like to buy that LE Cleanse and Polish! xx

    1. you should definitely get the limited edition, best cleanser ever!! xx

  3. I really want the new Cleanse&Polish, eve just for the bottle which as you say is so stunning! Haven't tried any of the make up yet but I really want to - after I get rid of all the rubbish I have lyign around already.

    1. I'm also trying to use up all the rubbish I got... and just invest in quality items from now on. :)

  4. Great review. Love the lipgloss!!

    I found your blog via the BBU blog hop and I love it!
    I'm following you :)


    1. That lipgloss is stunning!!!
      thanks for following. xx

  5. I love the new C&P and the gloss looks gorgeous! x


    1. C&P is always a guarantee... and when you think it couldn't get any better... ;) x

  6. The gloss sounds great, lovely colour! xx

    1. it's beautiful... like a nars' orgasm but for the lips xx

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