Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Delivery / Asos

I placed a cheeky order on Asos.com few weeks ago... well, not that cheeky after all since everything was on sale.
Yeah, I kinda of trained myself to avoid the website, otherwise I would order something every bloody week - still, I let myself indulge during the sales... good compromise, right?! ;)

ASOS Lula Ballet Flats with Colour Block
I've been wanting a pair of pastel flats for few months but couldn't decide on the colour... so I went multicolour - yay - and I like the metallic inserts, too.
These were pretty affordable at normal price (£25) but I got them for 13quid which I'm very pleased with. I wear a 7Uk and the shoes are a bit on the large side but the 6 was too small... oh the joy of being an half size, NOT!!!
They didn't come in a box but they sent them in a dust bag, at least.
 Oasis Pearl Flower Stretch Ring & Earrings
That's a lovely wee set for under a tenner! The earrings were £6 (down from £10) and the ring only £3 (down from £12).
The rose gold caught my eyes, at first... and then I thought that the pearl and the black enamel combo were kinda of Marc Jacobs-esque, too.
 I just wish the earrings thingy on the back was central but they are small enough that the flower doesn't actually hang off the earlobe (am I making any sense here??!)
 Nice detailing of the metal, tho and the ring is stretching so is very comfortable and no issue with the size there.
 Ted Baker Raspberry Ring
There's a whole series of jelly fruits from Ted Baker... I've also seen a yellow lemon and green apple; you can get the matching pendant, too but I actually got the ring to wear it with an Hobbs necklace that I already got (just realised that I never featured it on the blog so I'm gonna post a pic below).
I wanna bite it!!!
 As always, every detail is perfect - there's an engraving with the brand and the size on the inside of the ring and the packaging per se is outstanding.
Hobbs necklace

Did you hit the Asos sale? :)


  1. I love the shoes! So lovely colors and graphical forms... *_*

    Kisses From Europe

  2. Love Asos! But try to be good... ;) Especially after I hit Forever 21 sale... upsss....

    1. hehe, lucky you... I wish I could shop in F21 but London is too far from me :(

  3. Great buys! Especially love the shoes! :)

  4. oh wow i love the ted baker raspberry jelly ring..haven't blogged for ages but yours is still fantastic :) xx



    1. thanks Honey... glad you're back!! :) xx

  5. Great buys, the shoes are gorgeous. Such a shame about the fit though. x

    1. I know but I can still wear them with an insole maybe... x

  6. The ASOS sale is the best! Love the raspberry necklace xxx

    1. yeah, it's pretty good. I can always find something that I like :) xxx


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