Friday, 21 September 2012

Soul Mate 3-day Detox Diet

Ok - first things first... anybody else hate the new blogger dashboard??! I really dislike it and manage to keep the old one until yesterday... now it's over... oh well, suppose it's a matter of getting used to. :(
Anyway, onto today's post:

I'm a sucker for this ready-made diet plans... I did Diet Chef few times (review here) and I was pleased with the results.
I think I know a lot about healthy eating but I like to mix things up.
 It's not only a case of loosing weight but more maintaining because having a plan to stick to - when I get bored - keeps me away from junk food.... especially, if you pay for it! ;)

I always wanted to try a detoxing plan where you only have juices - and I can do smoothies myself like for an occasional afternoon snack - but I don't have the knowledge to make them nutritiously 'correct' as your ONLY food intake.
So, I was glad to see a Groupon offer and decided to give this plan a trial.
You get delivered 6 juices x day and you need to drink them in the order that they are labeled, one every 2 hours. It's, also, recommended to try 6 glasses of water per day (something that I do anyway).

I started Day 1 with a warm glass of water with some lemon juice (like every morning) and then had Juice 1 at 11am.
My most favourite juice is no. 2 - pineapple, banana and coconut... simply perfection!
My least favourite is no. 1 - because I hate ginger!!!

I found it quite easy to stick with it because since you have a drink every 2 hours, which is quite close and by the time you finish one, it's nearly time for the next one.
I felt a bit hungry on Day 2, around 4:30 before Juice 4 but I had 2 glasses of water and that kept my hunger at bay.

How did it fair? Well, I lost 6 pounds so I was pleased but I have no illusion that the weighloss was actual fat; still, it's great to get rid of bloating and just give your liver a break, really.
I would recommend if you need a flat stomach quickly, maybe before a special occasion.
Would I do it again? Yes, absolutely. Unfortunately, it's pretty expensive - even with the groupon voucher which was £60.
There's also a 5-day plan but I don't think I could cope with it... I really kinda of need solid food after 3 days :)

Have you tried anything similar yourself? Did you enjoy it?


  1. Wow, can't believe you lost so much in such a short space of time! Did you have to mix up the drinks yourself or do they come ready made?
    This is a great idea actually, good for a quick fix x
    Claire x

    1. no, the drinks come already mixed like smoothies... you just need to keep them refrigerated! xx

  2. Oh that's something I would really love to try, but 6 days does seem an often lot ! Great post as always <3

    1. thanks honey :)
      I know, I couldn't do it for more than 3 days myself.

  3. Oh WOW that sounds great but 3 days would be enough for me! x

  4. wow I really would love to try this!

    1. Definitely worth trying - its quite expensive tho :(

  5. That's something I'd love to do but I don't think I would last more than a day!

    1. hehe - the smoothies are quite filling actually, I'm sure you'd manage to resist for 3 days ;)

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