Sunday, 15 July 2012

Wedding Post - Jewellery

This is the most requested post, wedding-wise :)

Necklace is a present from my parents and my sister - from a local jeweler.

Cuff is vintage inspired piece from Jo Barnes

Earrings are from Swarovski, actually. I saw them last autumn and kept an eye on them... I didn't find anything else which I liked more and I got them when they went on sale on Boxing Day. I thought they went well with the general theme. Model: Phoebe.

... and wedding rings, of course! 
 Richard decided to use his dad's wedding ring, which I thought was very touching.
I went for a simple band with semi round setting; I wanted something easy to wear everyday and to polish off and I like how it goes with my engagement ring.
We got both rings engraved with our names & wedding date.

Present from the groom: Tiffany & Co. 1837 Bar Pendant in Rubedo metal.
We got it whilst we were in Paris at Galeries Lafayette, few weeks before the wedding.
I wanted something from Tiffany to keep forever, but I don't like these hearts and padlocks charms that seems to be the only effordable things to buy... then in march, this collection came out.
It's 2012 limited edition to mark 175th anniversary and they introduced this rubedo metal which is rose gold and I love rose gold. I, also, love the contrast with the silver chain... sorry but didn't manage to take better pictures, it's so difficult to photograph jewellery... you better have a look on the website!
 I wore this in the morning whilst getting ready in the house.

Finally, Richard's mum also gave me her engagement ring. Isn't it beautiful? I was very touched and it fits perfectly.
I didn't wear it on the day as I already had enough going on but I totally love it and I already wore it few times since then... it's so me! ;)

Next week... Venues!


  1. It's all so beautiful! I really love the cuff and your rings are gorgeous xxx

  2. Love it! Earrings and blue ring - beautiful :)

  3. I love all the blue! The blue ring and the necklace are my favorite parts, but everything else is also amazing!

  4. So elegant :) I love the simple rings and the Tiffany & Co pendant especially.

  5. Once again, thanks lovelies. :) xx

  6. All so beautiful thanks for sharing x

  7. Everything is so beautiful! x

  8. beautiful cuff and earrings! xoxo


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