Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Introducing / JASON

I got to admit that - until few weeks ago - I had never heard of this brand.
In fact I was surprise to discover that JASON has, actually, been around since 1959 - and that is quite a legacy, especially in a competitive industry as the natural beauty niche is.
Jason - which means 'healer' in Greek - is an American brand and one of the first to offer natural products without harsh chemicals; their products don't contain petrolatum, sodium, lauryl or laureth sulfrates, parabens or phthalates. - and of course, they are not tested on animals.

JASON C-Effects Super-C Cleanser*
 I was so excited to start using this product!
The consistency is kinda of a runny gel that you massage over dampened skin and turns into a foam; I've been using it at night and I find it very effective in removing make-up (only mascara seems to be pretty stubborn and I finish off the eyes with some Bioderma).
The winning formula is the unique, multi-antioxidant complex of Ester-C, Vitamin C and Vitamin E which fighst free radicals and also targets uneven skintone.
I was expecting a citrusy smell but instead, it smells really delicate - I'm not complaining - in fact, it helps to unwind before bedtime.

Also, because it foams up, a little goes a long way: I have been using it constantly for the past 3 weeks and the bottle is still pretty much full!
Just the feeling it leaves, is unbelievable - my skin feels sooo clean and bright without being dried out by nasty chemicals.
I'm very very pleased with this cleanser and I will re-purchase then i run out, definitely!

JASON Soothing 98% Aloe Vera Pure Natural Moisturizing Gel*
I remember, when I was little, my parents had this 'amazing aloe vera cream' that was used in emergency situations (see burns, insect bites) and brought out only in the event of these accidents. 
So, I grew up worshipping Aloe Vera and I have used creams and oilments with it inside but never something as pure as the Jason 98% one.
This is such a multitasking wee soldier: as mentioned before, it can also be used after shaving - for example - or after sunbathing.

In this majestic Scottish weather (NOT!!!), I don't risk any sun damaging exposure so I have been testing it in conjunction with the cleanser as a face cream; this will be - particularly - ideal for dry skin but being a gel, I can use it to!
It feels so fresh on the face and it dries instantly - it, also, creates this protection film which I found perfect as a base to apply my foundation on.
On top of the Aloe Vera, you'll also find Allantoin to nourish and Vitamin B5 to replenish and recondition the skin.
Used regularly, it will help to balance and calm the skin - personally, It has been a total saver to calm down my hay fever induced rashes and itchiness.

For the Uk, you can buy JASON products from www.jasonnaturalcare.co.uk or also http://www.feelunique.com


  1. These products sound really interesting! (didn't know you speak italian as well :D)

  2. These products sound really nice, I've just checked out their website and there's an apricot scrub that I might have to purchase! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know, I got more products on my wishlist. :)

  3. I love Jason Aloe Vera - great for sunburn! x

    1. It's so fresh on the skin... Such a pleasure. X

  4. I liek the packaging ill see if they have them in the us

    1. You'll definitely find them, it's an American brand. :)

  5. I like the packaging! They sound pretty nice, great post!

    Natasha Carly x

  6. I love Jason products, the Aloe Vera gel sounds great for using as aftersun x


    1. Im loving their products too - great quality, natural and affordable. X


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