Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Introducing / Evolve

"Better for our health, our enviroment and our skin"

Evolve caught my attention when a sample was sent in a beauty box, few months ago...
The Ethos of the brand is that we need to live a bit better!
Simple as that! BUT, oh boy, if that's true... and few simple changes can make such a massive difference.
 I want to pay particular attention to that because I always find it amazing when a brand put so much effort in going green and, definitely, deserves the recognitions and praises.

First is to go organic, with ingredients that are healthier and safer for the skin; their products are certified organic by Ecocert and are a minimum 95% natural and with all the ingredients being biodegradable.
Of course, no nasties: no parabens, SLS/SLES, PEGs, DEA, mineral oil, silicone, propylene glycol, GMO, synthetic fragrances.
You can, actually, go on the website and you'll find a glossary of the ingredients - many which you'll recognize easily as they start from the principle that if something is good enough to eat, then it must do some good to your skin, too. :)
Also, the packaging - let's not forget which could be pure waste - Evolve only use 100% recycled bottles and everything is produced in Uk to lower carbon footprint.
I think these bottles are adorable - love the whole concept and the prints - I do want my bath to look pretty!! ;)

Recently, I've been testing Evolve Skin Cocoon Body Wash* in the morning; I need to say, I've been using it in the shower because doesn't really foam up massively and I love a bubbly bath! :)
The smell is so amazing, like a mix of caramel & yogurth that stays on my skin (and shower cubicle) for most of the day.
Main ingredients are organic coconut and sugar extracts that cleanse without upsetting sensitive skin.
Evolve - especially - caters for sensitive skin and they, also, have a guide online with useful tips if you suffer from this problem.
My skin is super hydrated and I have, sincerely, been enjoying using this body wash - definitely, the scent adds to the general experience!

Evolve offers skincare, bodycare and haircare products... and next on my list is the new Liquid Crystal Cleanse & Tone - definitely, worth checking out!!!


  1. i LOVE using organic/natural products and experimenting with making my own!
    coconut is amazing as well -- i love using (organic) products with coconut in them :) i actually make my own coconut body cream that's amazing and really easy to do!


    1. That's great, I have never tried to do my own skincare. Well done you!! :)


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