Sunday, 12 May 2013

Nails of the Week / Kiko Ready-To-Go Art Patch Nail Lacquer

Kiko Ready-To-Go Art Patch Nail Lacquer in 02 Black Leopard*
Nail wraps have definitely come a long way! I had a disastrous attempt ages ago (here) and haven't tried them again ever since.
This week, I'm sporting these badass Kiko with a cool and fashionable design indeed... but most importantly, they work like a dream!!!
These 3-in-1 strips consist of a base coat, colour coat and top coat into a single layer; because of this special formula, they come into a airtight packaging and they will dry once opened - so make sure to open them when you are ready to wear them. You get 16 wraps so Kiko also provides a specific silver tape to re-seal the spare ones - I will use them as accent nails. :)

They have a top clear film to keep them 'moist' and - once removed - they become really malleable and flexible, making the application extremely easy.
These are so beautifully glossy that I have been straggling to take a picture which does them justice; they look stunning and give you a perfect manicure - a friend actually commented that they look like gel polish.
Finally, you simply removed them with some regular polish remover. 
Test of time? I've got them on for 6 days now and they look as good as new, wouldn't be surprised to see them last 2 weeks... soooo, all round thumbs up from me!!! :)

They come in a variety of colours and designs (Hello Taupe Lace... you're next!) and available at now.

*** Kiko is currently running a promotion until 17th May:
£8 discount with your first order
Code: MAY8 ***


  1. Love the idea of these xx

  2. Sounds good and a lot better than other nail wraps I've read reviews of! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. they are so much better, really easy to apply. x

  3. They look really good! First nail wraps I've seen that I've actually been tempted by xx

    1. I love the designs available too. xx

  4. strange to see that cheap nail wraps work very good! i will try them ;)


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