Monday, 7 January 2013

Christmas Presents

Happy New Year!!!
I took a well deserved (well, in my opinion) break over Christmas; I still had to work a couple of days during the holidays (which sucked big time!) but for the rest I literally did sweet nothing.
I had a lovely Christmas and New Years Eve and consciously tried to detox from technology a bit; I still checked my phone (constantly?) and used the iPad but I haven't turned up my desktop in 2 weeks and felt right, actually - I now feel totally recharged and got few post to share!
... and what's the best way to re-start then Christmas Presents?!
Once again, I was spoiled rotten and love everything I was gifted... it's fair to say that Richard and I give each other a list because I hate surprises and I stink at coming up with ideas every year.
Although, I also realised that I need to stop to buy myself stuff because I was actually straggling to come up with things that I really wanted.
I love Lowie pieces but they are fairly expensive plus the book is to start off my New Year Resolution - knitting!
Hat is a lovely present from a friend that knows me well and my love for owls - soooo adorable and makes me look cute! ;)
Swatch Lady Collection in artic sea - This watch is just too cool and I couldn't resist. It comes in so many gorgeous colours but I went with the minty pastel green. It has a long bracelet that wraps around twice. I'm gonna wear it layered with more arm beauties.
Calendar was a sweet wee extra from my hubby... and I totally melted 'cause I'm obsessed with pugs!!!
Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules perfume - a wild card really because I had never smelled this before; honestly, I still need to make up my mind about it: I don't hate it but I was expecting more... on the other hand, my husband really likes it. I heard it works well layered with other scents so I'll try that next.
Plantini is a gorgeous Victorian metal planthouse to build - I think it will make a very interesting decoration piece.
Nike gym bag - I love the colours on this bag and I have been eyeing it for months... when I spotted it on sale, I added it to my wishlist. I'm very pleased, I thought it would be too big but it's actually perfect for everyday use.
Comete Gioielli Romantica Necklace - my parents sent my this necklace that matches the bracelet from my birthday post. Stunning!
The blue framed tile is already on my kitchen wall and the Swatch Bijoux Glamorous Love Earrings are a present from my sister; she knew they would match my Love Explosion ring and my Swarovski Malaysia set, too! They are great studs for every day, too and I haven't taken them off yet since I got them.
ummm, do you remember when I said that I kinda of like pugs? Well, we're bringing this obsession to a whole new level here... Richard's sister got me the Flying Pugs from Dwell. I cannot wait to put them up on the wall! :D
 New Pjs and dressing gown are in order every year, of course - posh ones if I may add, this time. Love the colour on those Calvin Klein trousers and the stars on the robe.
Givenchy' Dahlia Noir eau de toilette is beautiful - I urge you to go and have a sniff, it's just up my street!
Gift vouchers from House of Fraser and French Connection from Richard's mum and she also gave us this lovely frame - ideal for a wedding picture!
Finally, my parents also sent me some extra presents to open on the 6th January - the Epiphany is just as big in Italy as Christmas; It's a national holidays and more for kids really which get sweets and presents.
My parents got me the matching earrings from Comete Gioielli and a card game; this is our family thing: since I was a child I would always get some cards or board game and I still love them *geek* :)
What did you lovely ladies receive?


  1. Oh wow the necklace is beautiful! x

  2. Amazing blog and such cute gifts! Am now following :)
    Would love a follow back :D

    1. Thanks for visiting - checking out your blog now :)

  3. Such lovely pressies! The jewellery is all so lovely and the colour of that watch is FAB!

  4. The watch is super cute! Thanks again for waiting for me on the swap

  5. I want to see the Victorian planthouse finished! and the colour of the watch is lovely! perfect for sping-summer time


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