Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Empties / December

Philosophy shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath trio: I really struggled to finish these off. The scent pay off is not great - you can read my opionion here as it hasn't changed.
Repurchase: nope.
Lush Helping Hands: I really like this hand cream; I have used it in the past and always go back, periodically. It's very moisturising but a bit greasy so I only use it around the house. Also love the kinda of yeasty smell. :)
Repurchase: yep.
Sanctuary 5 Minutes Thermal Detox Mask: this is one of the deep cleansing mask that I use once a week, after my steamer session. I like that it's fast acting and the charcoal purifies the skin very well but the consistency is kinda of gluey and you end up using more than needed. Also, it needs to go on wet skin which doesn't help on spreading the product on the face.
Repurchase: probably not.
Dr Nick Lowe Dark Cicles Correcting Cream: this is a decent eye cream but I wasn't blown away - plus it din't make any difference to my dark circles. I need to mention that I, instead, really liked another Dr Nick Lowe eye cream... you can check the review here.
Repurchase: no.
Sprout Toner: I loved spritzing it over my face, every morning! It's very refreshing - perfect to start the day - and also balancing - ideal to keep the odd spots at bay. The pump works great and I will definitely re-fill the min bottle for travelling. The only thing I would mention is the smell of vinegar (one of the main ingredients is organic raw apple cider vinegar, actually) which doesn't linger on the skin so it doesn't bother me but you're warned! :)
Repurchase: yes. 


  1. Ah i've been loving philosophy products lately, shame about those ones!

    Zoe | zozeze.com

  2. Would love to try this Lush hand cream!

  3. I didn't like that eyecream either, didn't find it did anything x

  4. I was disappointed with Philosophy that the scents didn't last longer too x

  5. I feel the same about Philosophy shower gels. They always smell amazing in the bottle but just don't really linger enough when used in the shower x



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