Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Review / CURE SEXY (aka GlamGlow in disguise)

I'm sure you've all heard about GlamGlow*, the miraculous mud mask that every celebrity in Hollywood counts on to deliver a glowing skin, worth of the red carpet!
CURE SEXY is the new version - dressed in pink - where 25% of profits from the sale will be donated to Pink Ribbon Foundation to fight breast cancer; the best part is that the donations will be collected over a three month period between October and December 2012.
So if you're planning of trying this mask, now it's the best time to get yourself one... and let me tell you, you WANT this beauty miracle!
Inside this pretty packaging and captivating name, you get the same great product.
I have only used it twice but I can already report this is now a must-have for me!
Cure Sexy can be used on all skin types and I mean ALL - dry to oily, rosacea or acne sufferers.
The formula contains only the highest quality ingredients to deliver moisturization, collagen activation, exfoliation and brightening effects.
Star ingredients are volcanic minerals, french sea clay and Teaoxi; the volcanic minerals are derived from pulverized micro pumice that exfoliate the skin, smooth fine lines and stimulate circulation, revealing a younger looking skin.
The french sea clay - sourced in the South of France - absorbs impurities and toxins, promoting collagen synthesis and creating that glow that last up to 3 days after use. The clay also enriches the skin with essential oils and tightens pores.
Finally, the patent pending complex technology of TEAOXI which is responsible for the continuous deliver of anti-oxidant directly from real tea leaves into the mud. Teaoxi also helps brightening the complexion, protects against free radicals and balances oil level in the skin.
You would use it as any other mask but the results are far from ordinary!
It's pretty simple and fast acting: you leave it on pose, appling a medium layer, for 10 minutes or until dry.
At this stage, you can rinse it off, revealing plumped up skin - or you can also add a little bit of water and use it as a deeper exfoliation, before rinsing.
You get a slight tingling but it will soon transform into a refreshing sensation (that I reckon comes from the pieces of tea leaf that you can actually see spread all over the face).
To sum up, I was very very impressed by the instant results and well worth the investment for the general well-being feeling.
Thumbs up for glorious skin!!!

You can get your special edition jar on www.selfridges.com or www.glamglowmud.co.uk


  1. This sounds amazing! And in such pretty packaging too! Great review :) x

    1. I'm in love with this mask... my skin is loving it too! :) x

  2. So annoyed that I was sent a sample after a blogging event and I seem to have misplaced it! Of all things :(

    1. oh no... you MUST find it... it's too good to miss out! :(

  3. wow definitely have to try this! thanks! love your blog. do you wanna follow each other?!


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