Sunday, 4 November 2012

Empties / October

Another month - another empties post!
October went super fast for me: it was my birthday, then my sister came to visit... my time was pretty much absorbed by the training at work... luckily, Christmas is approaching fast and I have already started buying presents... exciting! :)
Btw, can anybody recommend a good curling iron? I'm looking for a big barrel one, for beach waves more than spiral curls... something reasonable priced, too... much appreciated as always, girls!! xx

Anyway, this month offering:
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub: pretty pissed off at Soap & Glory! I used to like the scrub which came with a blue lid but then they repackaged and reformulated it, I guess... This smells exactly like the previous one but it's thicker and impossible to use on dry skin (how I like it!) - too sticky.
Also, the jar is smaller but more expensive.
Repurchase: never!
Boots Natural Collection Shower Gel: actually, these were from a Christmas set that I bought in December 2011 - took advantage of 3for2 offer - but only got around to use them recently... God, 7 months later... I told you I don't use up stuff quickly!!! ;)
Anyway, they have lovely fruity scents so turned out to be perfect for the summer.
Only problem is the packaging: I can't be bother to fiddle with a screw top in the shower.
Repurchase: why not - although I have plenty of body washes to finish up, first!
L'Occitane Cocoa Flower Lip Balm: I really like this lip balm; not sticky, smells lovely of cocoa and very nourishing. Repurchase: definitely, I love the formula and there are new limited edition flavours every year!
The Body Shop SpaFit Toning Concentrate: I really disliked this body product. It leaves a oily residue on the skin and the pump is really hard to use.
It was quite expensive for the amount provided and I didn't notice any improvement on my skin.
Repurchase: no.
Gatineau Strategie Jeunesse Throat Gel Firming: quite a random product, I must admit. I got it in a swap, mainly because I wanted to try something from Gatineau. I used it up and I can't really say I saw any magic happening to my jawline but on the other hand, It's not like a have great concerns - thank God!
I would say it has more like a temporary tightening effect like a film, than a longterm effect but I did enjoy using it as it's very fresh on the skin and smells lovely.
Repurchase: maybe in 10 years time.
Talika Lipocils Expert: I got to say, I think this works! I didn't have high hopes but still wanted to give it a go and used it every night. I definitely have more lashes and they are longer! It was actually a nice surprise!
Repurchase: although, I can heartly recommend it - it's not a must have for now. I will consider buying it, If I see any promotion around.


  1. I love the smell of L'Occitane's Cocoa Flower range! Thanks for sharing about the S&G scrub - I used to like the old one but since it's been reformulated I wasn't sure about getting it to try out - I think I'll pass now! x

    1. yep, unfortunately I learned the hard way, about the S&G scrub :(
      I'm really into The body shop scrubs currently. x

  2. I love empties posts! I really like the Talika too x

    1. the Talika is a amazing... thank you for sending it to me :) x

  3. Replies
    1. it's beautiful... im not sure the cocoa is stil around but the formula is worth in any scent!

  4. Glad I know I can skip that s&g stuff! I usually make scrubs though. Thanks for your reviews.

    1. I wish I couldmake my own scrub... but I'm just lazy... :( good for you tho!!! xx

  5. Oh no, that sucks about the Soap & Glory scrub :( I hate it when products are changed. The L'Occitane lip balm sounds lovely though!

    1. me too as it was quite a good price too... :( likely I found a great alternative alraedy... the body shop scrubs!!


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