Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Mac Mineralize SkinFinish in Soft And Gentle

I've quite an addiction for highlighters, I must confess!
 I believe that they can really make your look comes together - they add that extra sophisticated touch, that 'je ne sais quoi' that makes other women comment on your make up.
I already have quite a collection of highlighters but they are all liquid/cream products and just when I thought I didn't need anymore, I realized that I don't have any powder highlighter, actually.
I like cream cheek products in the summer especially, as they work well with a dewy look and - although I still like a glowy look in winter - I think powders work better with the cold weather.
So, I decided to invest in a powder highlighter and I chose Mac Mineralize SkinFinish in Soft And Gentle
I've read countless raves about this product and I've been considering buying it for a long time but for some reason, I have always pushed it at the bottom of the list (probably because I do have already too many highlighters - dah!)... but you know, you get to a point where the next review just pushes you off the edge and YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!
Well, it's beautiful and, as soon as I received it in the post, I couldn't wait to wear it.
It's a very fine powder, easy to apply and with a pretty high frosty finish; I don't normally go for such a 'bang-in-your-face' effect but the powder blends so well that it looks beautiful on the skin.
It is a rosy/peachy colour that can double as a blusher on my skin and I'm very happy with my choice! :)
I got to say that I'm disappointed with the price, tho: in my opinion, £21.50 is too much especially for such a cr*p packaging.
What is your favourite highlighter? :)


  1. This is one of my favourites too. :) I agree about the packaging. I think MAC packaging looks terrible.

    1. such a shame about the packaging since its such a popular brand. xx

  2. I think MAC really need to rethink their packaging. It's so easy to replicate by fraudsters as seen many a time on Ebay and other sites claiming they sell genuine MAC products.
    It's probably very cheap to produce meaning maximum turn over. And i agree, it looks pants!
    Jules x

  3. Even if MAC just made their packaging glossy I'd be happier, it's so meh! This looks gorgeous tho!

    1. I agree - I have the marilyn lipstick which is glossy and I really like it!

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