Friday, 9 November 2012

Food Delivery / FlavrBox and Free Coffee

I took advantage of the 50% off promotion and ordered myself another FlavrBox!
This is an exciting box to receive and as soon as I open the box, I want to scoff down everything instantly... not good for the waistline but good for the soul! ;)
You can check my previous box here.
Olive Branch Olive Oil Strawberry Jam
 I love jams and I always have some in the morning on some rusks. It's my favourite way to start the day.
This sounds delicious - The jam is a blend of olive oil, Cretan honey and fruits; I haven't tried it but if I like it, I already have my eyes on the apricot version.
Pink's Smoked Tomato Tapenade
This sauce is made with smoked  tomatoes, cashew nuts and parmesan cheese - all my favourite things together in a jar. Promising indeed and in fact It didn't disappoint!
I love this stuff on everything: you can use it as a dip, or spread on bread or as a marinate for meat and fish.
It's full of flavour and with a wee bite - my favourite product from this box, definitely!
The Bath Pig Original Chorizo
Another popular item from the box and in fact it's already finished!
I used it in 2 recipes: I cooked half to create a salad with new potatoes and baby spinach and the other half for a pasta sauce. I add double cream and zucchini to the chorizo and tossed lightly with some penne pasta. Delicious! Personally, I think it works better with wholewheat pasta.
Hare's Moor Rogan Josh D.I.Y. Curry Kit
I have made Korma a couple of times for my family because my parents like it but it's not something that I would choose to cook, honestly.
I do like a good curry occasionally, but I usually just buy the Tesco's curry-in-a-bag meals.
I love the fresh ingredients in this wee bag and I'm excited to give it a go - I will probably cook it with chicken (minus the ginger that I HATE!!!).
Sundowner Pecans & Almonds
I also received this generous bag of nuts.
I like nuts and I have an helping 3/4 times a week; I usually get the graze boxes because I like the variety that you can order.
These ones are coated with crunchy seeds, a touche of agave syrup and a kick of chilli which sounds a great combination. I will save them for next week snack sessions. :)
Finally, I also discovered
This website offers a subscription where you can get your coffee ration delivered to your door, every week. They have different types available and you can also create your personal blend.
I went with the random one and oh boy, that is potent stuff! The smell of coffee is unbelievable!
Now, I don't drink enough coffee to get a bag regularly but it's a great concept as It lets you change flavour every week and I like variety.
They also send you an info sheet about your blend which I find extremely interesting.

I have a promo code for you, if you'd like to try a free box. :)
code: PG534NQ - let me know what you think!


  1. Looks like a fab Flavrbox (at home definitely a wholewheat pasta fan!)x

    1. I love these boxes, they are substantial! I love wholewheat too, its better for you and add a extra flavour too. x


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