Monday, 13 February 2012

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

This is a long overdue post... everybody loves the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser so I've been struggling to find what to add at the many reviews already out there... so, all I can give you is a little insight on my experience.

The bottle I got is a travel size but it will definitely last you much longer than any common mortal holiday. It's practical to carry around because it comes in its wee bag and you also get 2 (and I want to emphasise 2!!) muslin cloth.

All I need is 2 pumps per night - I tried to use more or less but it was just a waste of product - so I stick to 2 pumps, no matter how much make up I got on.
After, rubbing it in well into my skin (eyes included), I soak the cloth in warm water and start wiping everyting away. It's such a pleasure to work with: it's so creamy and comforting on the skin and it smells fresh and natural.
Just a matter of wiping and rinsing a few times really... very simple but effective... It has become my ritual, really.

Actually, It has become my all family ritual too:  when I was away, my sister tried it and she loved it so much that I had to leave my bottle with her... then my mum used it too and well, you can guess the rest. My sister is in her 20s and my mum 50s and it's suitable for every age and type of skin - especially my sensitive one.

I have tried many other cleansers over the years but I always find myself going back to John Lewis and re-purchase the Liz Earle' one. It's the best out there: Fact!
What are your thoughts?



  1. 100% agree with you Alex, such great products! I'm new to Liz Earle.

    Claire xx

  2. I've never used this product, I love the look of the packaging. It sounds good though, especially if it is suitable for sensitive skin because that is something I suffer from!


    1. Definitely! You should give it a go... I can use it twice a day and never experience any problem with my skin.

  3. Great review, I'm trying this at the moment and love it so far! x

    1. You're not gonna be disappointed. It's the only one I can use twice a day.

  4. I love this and one I always come back to - the original and best x

  5. Hi Alex, just thought I'd let you know I have received my give away prize :) I came home Sunday night to a "sorry we missed you" card so picked it up yesterday from the post office. I have posted about it :)

    Holli x

    1. Good news. Glad you got the package alright. :)


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