Thursday, 9 February 2012

Introducing / Fudge Urban

Fudge, the original hair products brand, has just developed a new range of innovative, salon quality, cool hair styling products, called Urban. There are 13 products in this new line and there's something for everyone - whatever your style or if you'd like to experiment with a new look, don't look any further!

I've been using this Dry Shampoo regularly in the last month and this is a first for me! I've never been a fan of dry shampoos probably because I've had bad experience and disappointment (see Batiste).
Fudge Urban, instead of other brands, is doing wonders with my fringe too; I never achieved good results when trying to refresh and degrease my fringe with other brands before. This bottle now lives in my gym bag.
I spray Fudge Urban on my head, wait 2 minutes to let the 'dust' absorb the oil and then brush it off.
I'm very impressed: my hair looks glossy and with volume - you can't really tell I used a dry shampoo and the smell is delicious! It leaves your locks scented like caramel, fudge but not in a sickening way... not sure if the name of the range comes from that but it's defintely fitting! ;)

The other item I was impressed with is the 3 in 1 Miracle Moisture Stuff. It's a balm like a conditioner and it's a treatment lotion with Argan Oil (the miracle ingredient for hair!!) that helps defreeze, repair and moisturizing your locks. It's multi-use and can be used on wet hair before blow dry, on dry hair to smooth ends or also after straightening for added shine. My preference is to use it before blow dry.

In this line you can also find Texture Blaster, Instant Smoothie & Surfer Wax (for boys) and it's on sale in Superdrug natiowide now.

*pr samples*


  1. nice items i have never heard of this brand

  2. purtroppo in Italia non si trovano. cmq adesso sto usando batist (finora è l'unico che ho trovato) e l'effetto non piace molto neanche a me..troppo "impolverato" :) devo cercare qualcos'altro...

    xx Ingrid


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