Friday, 24 February 2012 Haul 2/2

Here is what I got with the 2nd voucher:

Guerlain Meteorites Perles in Teint Rose'
Another Guerlain product - Hurray!!! - actually, I think these are the only Guerlain's that I own; I tried the foundations before but I was never wowed enough to buy them.
Another item off the wish-list!
I wanna find a good finishing powder - I have tried this only once but It seems a bit shimmering??... Maybe if I take out some of the 'white shimmer pearls'... anyone using the Meteorites??
The box, again, is beautiful and it smells divine too; I'm happy to have it and hopefully - with a bit of practise - I'll make it work for me.

it arrived a bit dusty but no balls were broken
product cleaned

Clarins Lift Minceur
This is a cellulite control, smoothing and firming body cream. I always use anti-cellulite creams because I do see a difference on my skin. I use more expensive ones or cheaper ones, I tried many brands and as soon as I stop, I see the condition worsen. 
At the moment, it's on special price at £28.40 instead of £35.50 (even cheaper than on
My sister recommended this, she said she saw a slimming effect - and I'm gonna put it to the test!

You can read about the first haul here
Did you get a voucher - what did you buy with it? 


  1. oo I love the look of the Guerlain Meteorites, the packaging is divine never used anything like that before, you should do a review once you have used them a bit :) xxx

    1. I shall do. :) the packaging is beautiful but the smell is even better!!!

  2. The Guerlain Meteorites looks fab!

    1. Imgetting obsessed... I wanna try the others too. :)

  3. I would be tempted to buy Guerlain Meteorites just for the packaging! lol

    1. Hehe, I understand. They d look great on any dressing table. :)

  4. Wow the Guerlain Meteorites look stunning! I also have been wanting a shimmering finishing powder but as I've not used one before am a bit wary of shelling out a lot of money for one like this! x

    1. It's a great product and it will last you for ever!!


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