Saturday, 18 February 2012

Delivery / BrandAlley

Finally, my order from BrandAlley arrived!!!
I ordered it on the 8th of January and I was starting to get a bit restless, to be honest.

I've become a big fan of Monu since I discovered this brand in the November GlossyBox so I couldn't pass on the chance to try other products since everything was 50% off.

Monu - Recovery Balm
I've been wanting to try this for some time. I received the Skin Perfector in my GlossyBox (and LOVE IT!) but with my sensitive skin, I thought I give this balm a go.
First of all, It doesn't really feel like a balm but more like a cream (actually, the Skin Perfector is more like a balm/gel) but nevertheless it sinks beautifully in the skin and it's very comfortable.
I'm really liking it so far! It's beautifully scented and an ideal daytime cream. Now, I hope it will help my stressed skin and keep it a bay, too... but it's too early to tell.

Monu - Neck And Bust Cream
I find it really hard to find cream specifically for the bust area on the high street. Usually, I stock up when I go to Italy and if I run out I end up buying Clarins which is 30quid.
This bottle is tiny - I have used it for a week (once a day) and It's already half empty - not much product in it.
The cream is really thick and not the easiest to apply, I think it has a 'tensor effect' on the skin but It's not really moisturising. I won't re-purchase, I'm afraid.
Btw, do you know of any good and not too expensive bust cream on the market? :)

Monu - Stimulating Kyoto Massage & Body Oil
There were few different oils from Monuspa line but I decided on this one for it's firming benefits.
I like to use oils on wet skin after bath/shower, it leaves it super-soft and recharged.
This can also be used in the bathtub - I'll try this method too.
Unfortunatelly, I'm not thrilled because the geranium is persecuting me!!!
Nice and luxurious glass bottle - ideal for a present too - I just can't stand that flower smell.

Are you hooked on Monu like myself? :)


  1. I sent off for the 5 samples on their website, haven't had a chance to use them yet! Looking forward to it after reading your post. I love a bit of body oil; it's a shame that it stinks...!

    1. Yeah, I got the samples from the website too but I found the quantity is too small to really get a feeling of the product...

  2. these look nice! I've been testing the Avon solutions Neck and Chest Perfector - its quite nice but generally I prefer a gel to a cream. My ultimate product is Elemis pro-collagen lifting treatment neck & bust - but its not cheap! I tend to pick it up in sample size in sets x

    1. Me too, I prefer a lighter consistency. I'll check the elemis out, I didn't know of this product before. Thank u. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Me too. Really make me feel spoiled. :)

  4. Yes - there cleanser is the best thing EVER!


    1. Oh , I never tried their cleanser... Thanks for the recommendation. X

  5. I can't believe you've waited since 8th january for your order!! I'd complain, they might chuck you some freebies :D

    1. I know but they did say it could take until 17th feb... I thought they're just covering their backs but apparently it took that long, at least for me... I noticed other people getting their orders earlier... Oh well.

  6. oh wow, these look and sound like amazing products! i wanna try themmmmm. ;)

    <3, Mimi
    Udderly Smooth Giveaway

    1. I definitely recommend the face creams!!


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