Saturday, 21 January 2012

GlossyBox - December 2011

First impressions: definitely, one of my favourite so far. 
Quality brands, good variety and great choice of colours that would suit everybody.
Plus to make it extra special - being Christmas - everything came in a red glossy box.

Blink+Go Hi-Definition Mascara
First item in the box is a waterproof mascara; I was excited to receive it because I'm on the hunt for the perfect waterproof mascara (for the wedding, you know) but I was left disappointed with this one.
I found it extremely drying! I've used a waterproof mascara before and I know they can be a bit of a pain to remove but this one made my lashes 'crispy' straight after application. 
Also, I'm not a fan of the brush: it didn't help separate or for volume.
I'm afraid, it's definitely a no-buy from me.

Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lip Gloss in Las Vegas
Not impressed with this product as I wasn't impressed with the Cargo eye pencil from Boudoir Prive Box.
I'm not a fan of lip glosses in general and this is not my colour, unfortunately - it's more brown than in the picture, actually.

Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish with Stripped to Go Satchet
I was very excited to see this in the box! I've never tried Deborah Lippmann' polishes before, although read many many good things.
I like the miniature bottle (so cute) and the colour is gorgeous (right up my alley!); it's a purple with glitter and I had good coverage from the first coat.
Longevity wasn't the best: chipped after 3 days but still acceptable.
Together with the polish, we also received a sample of the polish remover mitt. I'm not a fan of these pre-soaked pads but this one was impressive. I used it to remove Razzle Dazzle and, although it says one mitt is enough for both hands, I only managed 6/7 fingers; you need to consider this is an heavy duty polish (with all the glitter) so it's not too bad.

MEMEME Seventh Heaven
I have never used this brand before - I think the packaging looks quite cheap... You see, I would have never bought this product but I'm pleased I discovered it because I liked it a lot.
I use this as a primer: it, also, has active ingredients and extracts to moisturise the skin but I wouldn't use it everyday.
It has a very pleasant citrusy smell and it's light on the skin, creating a smooth canvas for the make up.
You should, definitely, check it out if you're looking for a budget primer.

Rituals Foaming Shower Gel in Yogi Flow
This is a full size bottle and it's huge!!! The packaging looks very luxurious and it would be perfect for a present too. 
The Yogi Flow version is the indian rose and sweet almond oil but I bet they are all lovely scented - in fact I'd like to try more.
I'm a big fan of foaming shower gels - I've used the Imperial Leather's before - and I find that a little goes a long wait. Plus, they always leave my skin extremely soft and nourished. 



  1. very nice items, love the polish and lipgloss

  2. The polish remover didn't even do 3 fingers on me! I was disappointed, shall continue with the tin foil trick ha!

    I do adore the polish though!

  3. great review! I loved the cargo lipgloss so much I swapped for two more! x

    1. Thanks! I know many people liked the cargo... I'm just not a lipgloss girl. :)

  4. Very Good review!!

  5. Marbellous box, isn´t it?
    you´re a lucky girl!

    1. Yeah,very goodbox indeed. I can't wait for the valentines one now...

  6. I love mememe! it's cheap but lovely and you can buy it at superdrug so you dont have to go far to get your hands on it ! :) xxxx

    1. UNfortunately my local Superdrug is shite. The stock is often been open or swatched. :(

  7. Really want to try the MeMeMe, sounds really good! x

  8. I wish we had glossy box in US

    1. Well, you have birch box which is the same and always great content!!

  9. Great post! Those nailpolish removers look like a great item. I had to scrub so hard to get my glitter (OPI for Sephora) polish off over the weekend. Ugh! xo style, she wrote

    1. Yeah, in theory they're good idea but they're expensive. The old style bottle is still better value for money.

  10. Nice nail polish!


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