Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Delivery / SalonSkincare

Few months ago I received a voucher for £5 off when spending £40 at so I decided to take advantage of it and get Dr Brandt Pore no more.
I've been wanting to try this for some time because many beauty gurus on the web are raving about it - it seems it's also used on the red carpet!!!

Anyway, I had the chance to try it few times now and unfortunately, I'm not blown away.
It is a very good primer, makes your skin smooth but for the price (£39 BTW!!!) I was really expecting a miracle!
I can compare it to Benefit Porefessional, very very similar - you can also notice that from the swatch above, the consistency and colour are the same; pores are definitely camouflaged a bit but they don't disappear.
I'm thinking this product was GREAT a few years ago, before the Benefit version came out... and there was nothing better on the market. In fact, I think I heard it's going to be discontinued.
Sure, I'll keep using it and finish it off but this item will go in the regret buy pile.

I, also, bought The Natural Nail Company Shine File purely to reach 40quid for the discount but I'm enjoying using it. It's very good to smooth ridges and polish the nails.

Finally, they sent me samples of the Dr Brandt Detoxygen Experience which is a 2-step system: mask plus cream. I used it and really like it, I really felt it working hard but when I looked it up, I found it in the male category... not sure if it's also unisex... *confused*

Hope this was helpful... have you tried this product yourself? 


  1. great review. i have never heard of this brand before thanks for sharing

  2. That primer is so expensive! Don't think I could justify that no matter how good it was!

  3. That's a shame it was disappointing. I'd like to try the Benefit product x

  4. Thank you for sharing this. It helps me a lot, because I was thinking about buying this primer !

  5. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend to buy it honestly...


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