Sunday, 15 January 2012

FeelUnique Beauty Box Review - December 2011

This is quite a late review but I unsubscribed from this box anyway so this is the last one I received.
Now, having see the content of the January box, I'm glad I did!!! 

TIGI Bed Head Candy Fixations Sugar Dust
How disappointing! Are you serious, FeelUnique?
We already received an hair powder in the November box - honestly, I think this is really poor...
If you wanna keep reading my rant/my thoughts about this type of products, I refer you here because I don't have anything else to add... since last month!!!
This is a much finer dust than the Schwarzkopf' one, in fact it created an annoying 'cloud' when I tried to use it.

Annick Goutal Mandragore Eau De Toilette
A 25ml parfume - good size and pretty bottle, coming in an organza bag. I quite like this perfume so I'm gonna keep it but it could make a nice present too.
I would say it's quite spicy but fresh; pretty unique smell, not too overpowering and the ginger & boxwood notes are refreshed by the bergamot.

Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser 
I think it was unfair to include this product... My question to you girls is: who is going to buy a Clarisonic cleanser without having a Clarisonic?
I got a Clarisonic for Christmas so I'm using it in conjunction with the brush but if I didn't have one, It wouldn't be my first choice (with all the brands on the market!!!)
I, also, got the Gentle Hydro Cleanser (from the Clarisonic Box) and personally, I prefer the refreshing gel version: I find it easier to spread and emulsify on the skin.

Nails Inc. Oxford Circus Limited Edition Nail Polish
***yawn*** yes, pretty little cute bottle of nail polish but HOW BORING!!!
I wish they had sent different colours out so I could have swapped it for another colour, at least...
I, recently, got a similar pink from OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection so I really don't need this dupe... ***yawn***

Figs & Rouge Sweet Geranium 100% Organic Balm
Personally, I really hate geranium smell so I can't use this on my lips.
Recently, I started using the Rose & Co balm on my cuticles and I saw a great improvement so I decide to give this one a go. Unfortunately, there's no comparison and the Figs & Rouge failed to hydrate or smooth or soothe or do ANYTHING AT ALL for my fingers.
I suppose, it's 100% natural as they say because it's got these granules that melt in contact with the heat of my fingers, releasing a very oily liquid... but my skin is as dry as before, once absorbed.

Living Nature Set
This is the bonus item of this month!
We got 3 satchels of Vitalising Cleanser, Extra Hydrating Toning Gel & Nourishing Day Cream coming in a neat folder with extra cards with informations... only criticism: words and words and words and no an hint or recommendation on how to use the products.
Yes, I'm a geek and yes, I'm the type of person that read manuals too!

So, my experience with FeelUnique box comes to an end: in conclusion I would say that these boxes have potentials (look at the amazing brands they sell!) but the impression I get is that there's not much thought behind them...

What do you think?? Did you receive the Janauary' box... Happy with it?


  1. I'm a Carmine girl myself, and so far have been really pleased with the products (except the anti-ageing rubbish!). There was even a brow threading voucher in the last box so I can go try it for free!

    1. I like Carmine boxes so far but I'm still subscribed to JB and GB... I should really keep only one, may try Carmine and then decide

  2. I wish I could get this box, the sizes of the products are such a good size!

    1. Good size but they keep repeating themselves. :(

  3. nice products, love that pink polish

  4. I think I'm going to give feelunique another couple of months then cancel if they don't improve! Good sized products but I'm finding there's not much I'd use and the brands are not the most popular ones from their website. I hate the idea of cancelling though and then an amazing box being sent!

    1. I know what you mean... But if there's really a product you can't live without... You can always swap. :) I have quite a collection now.

  5. I've never been wowed much by the Feel Unique boxes, I think you'd like Carmine better! x

    1. I know, Carmine is really tempting. I loved December one. X

  6. love your candid opinion! refreshing!


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