Monday, 30 January 2012

First Haul of the Month!!! (and Year!!!)

Well, I'm pleased with myself - it's nearly the end of January and this is pretty much the only shopping I've done since last year.
I've bought few bits here and there online but I haven't been in town browsing before - managed to resist the sales and all! :)

I did spend money but wedding related buys: my shoes, jewellery, invitations, cake toppers... everything has been delivered in the last few weeks but I'll share these after the wedding. :)

In Boots, I got few essentials: Niveal Pure & Natural Cleansing Lotion and Revlon Grow Luscious by Fabulash mascara.
My morning routine never change. I try different products at night but in the morning I always wash my face with cold water and then cleanse with milk and toner. That's it. This is recommended especially if you suffer from rashes and eczema as water can worsen the condition. Anyway, I'm never too fussed with the cleansing milk, I usually just get the one which is on offer from the drugstore. The Nivea one wasn't on offer but still cheap enough; it caught my eyes because it's paraben free and contains bio argan oil & bio aloe vera. As far as I don't get any allergic reaction, I'm sure it's gonna be just fine.

I've been wanting to try the mascara for some time and all Revlon mascaras are all £5 so I picked one up. I haven't tried it yet and sorry but I can't show you the brush because I wanna keep it sealed. Have you tried this?

I used points to pay so everything is good! ;)

In Debenhams you get 500 points when you spend £30. 
I wanted the Clinique Bottom Lash mascara which is 11 pounds and then worked my way up to the target... you know, it's like £5 off next time. ;)
This bottom lash mascara is such a great invention! I know you can do the same job with a normal one but it's sooo much easier. I can't believe I haven't bought this before! Also, on the packaging says that it washes away with warm water so I'm thinking the formula is more delicate and I won't have to rub and rub with remover.

next to a ordinary wand

Then I got Dead Sea Spa Magik Algimud Active Peel-Off Body Mask and Burt's Bees Lip Balm.
I've used the body mask before: it comes in a powder form and there're 3 servings in a box. You simply mix it with water and then put the paste on your skin; once tried it will peel off, leaving the skin super-soft. This is a great product and I'm trying to give my body a boost (in the eve of the wedding, of course)!

I have never tried anything from Burt's Bees (shameful, I know) and everybody loves the lip balm so I bought the original version.
Wow, what a surprise: I found it tingling on the lips which I wasn't expecting... having bought the classic. I thought it would have no flavour, maybe honey-like but instead it's very minty (where the tingling sensation also comes from, I 'm guessing). I'm not really complaining, it just not what I expected.
Are they all like that? I saw a honey version... is it also minty?

I had £20 worth of points to use so I only paid about 10 pounds.

First stop in House of Fraser was the Nars counter. I wanted to try the Sheer Glow foundation so the MUA did my make up; after trying 5 shades, I was matched with Deauville and Santa Fe. They are both a really good match on me and so similar that I couldn't decide so the girl, kindly, gave me samples to try at home. 
On the skin, it is beautiful - definitely in my Top 3. At the moment, I'm leaning a wee bit towards Santa Fe because is the medium of the two and if I get slightly tanned, it would be better. 
I did buy a Blusher in Sin! It has been on my wish list for ever and I don't have any cool tone, plum blush.
I love Nars packaging - so sleek and I understand that the rubbery material can get dirty easily but I do take good care of them.

I had £10 in capital bonds from work so I only had £10 left to pay.

Another foundation I've been meaning to try is the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation
My match is no 5 - I've only tried once (applied with brush) but I'm not blown away, to be honest. I felt It oxidised real fast but I'll give it another go... what's the best way to apply this foundation, in your experience?

I did buy the Master Corrector no. 1 - Pink.
Everybody raves about this on youtube and it seems to be the holy grail for dark circles! 
oh my... look at the picture - it does improve the situation A LOT!!! You're supposed to use it underneath concealer - like an 'helper'! 
It's expensive - 25quid - but it's worth it and I would recommend it to anybody, bothered by dark circles. Again, I had some capital bonds left so I paid nothing for it! :)

only on the left side (which is my right eye) - hope you can see the difference.

Finally, I bought this belt in Oasis - I don't have any high waist, elastic belt and I reckon I can wear this with pretty much everything. I like the clasp which is a pewter colour.


  1. ive never heard of the master corrector..the results are actually surprising!

    1. Totally! I'm using it everyday and worth every penny!!

  2. love the nars , great haul

    1. Thanks babe - I love nars blushes... who doesn't eh?! ;)

  3. i found the dead sea body mask on amazonUK for 16 pounds (3x100g). is that normal price? i think i need that, hehe :)

    1. yep, that's the normal price! :)

  4. Love the look of the body mask,

    Holli x

    1. you should try it! Debenhams is doing 10% off at the moment, it may end tomorrow tho. xx

  5. Amazing haul, I'm actually jealous of everything you bought :') x

  6. Great haul - all looks brilliant x

  7. So many cool things! First of all, that blush is absolutely gorgeous and that body peel seems really neat. And it is cool you use milk to cleanse instead of water.

    1. Milk is ph balance and could be less harsh than water actually. :)

  8. Such a great haul! The bottom lash mascara looks great... I like this idea :D

    1. Its so useful! Can u live without it? Sure... But with would you? Hehe, it's so much easier and pretty cheap, I think


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