Thursday, 25 June 2015

Introducing / Naturalmente Haircare

It's no secret that after a pregnancy, women may struggle with their locks; apparently, as a consequence of all the hormones leaving your body, you tend to see an increase in hairloss and I certainly noticed this unpleasant 'side effect'.
For this and other reasons, I have also started to made a conscious choice of using more natural products and when I heard of Naturalmente - an Italian brand - I couldn't pass on the chance to try this line from my home land.

As the name suggests, their products are created using pure essential oils and substances of flowers and plants that are grown organically and protecting the ecosystem; even the energy used to produce comes from wind power generated in Tuscany and with very low CO2 emissions. 
The fragrances also service as Aromatherapy for the soul and  they have banned silicons, parabens, petrochemical oils and by products, artificial colouring and SLS too.
Basically, Naturalmente strongly believes in the respect and nourishment of both the person and the planet.

I was surprised to see such a huge range of products for a (relatively) small and local company and they really cater for every need; you have shampoos and conditioners but also masks, styling products, treatments and colour enhancers.

The first product I'm testing is the Naturalmente Solution-Pac Ricostruttore Multivitaminico Aloe e Sandalo*.
I have never heard of a 'Solution Pac' before which is a protein rebuilder to be used pre-shampoo; it is full of vitamins, minerals and proteins to repair and protect the scalp & hair from environmental and mechanical factors, like heat styling tools.

I've also been trying out the Naturalmente Shampoo Agrumi Volumizzante e Rinforzante* which has a lovely citrusy scent. 
Because of the lack of chemicals, I wasn't expecting any or very little foam, but I actually found that the shampoo lathered  and spread well.
The volumizing effect is real and my hair were left full of body, light and silky to the touch - and because of the impressive result after the first wash, I have no reason to doubt the revitalising benefits in the long run.

In conclusion, I can hearty recommend the Naturalmente range for fast results and ethical approach. You can easily pick up these 50ml sample bottles from  for around a fiver each.
 Have you tried this brand yet?

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