Saturday, 18 July 2015

Review / Living Nature Fragrance Free Thickening Mascara

I think we all agree that mascara is one of those beauty steps that you can't skip; even when you are short on time, you may pay less attention to a flawless complexion or perfectly blended eyeshadows but nothing will make you look more 'done' than a few coats of mascara.
... now, having said that - I also have sensitive eyes  that can react badly to some chemicals and don't thank me for the make-up removing sessions at the end of the day.

The new improved Living Nature Thickening Mascara* is now also fragrance-free and one step closer to nature!
It is completely free from synthetic and animal derivates and Lavender Oil which can be a trigger for sensitivity.
It includes halloyside clay to amplify the glance, candelilla and carnauba waxes, jojoba esters, manuka honey and Vitamin E to provide a smooth application and nourish and protect the lashes.
It is available in Jet Black - for an more intense effect - or Blackened Brown - or a nude look.

I like the long and 'old-school' fat wand that coats the lashes with one swipe and it's also impressively lengthening; the formulation is not too wet - just how I like it - and doesn't leave any clumps. Personally, I found that even after few coats it gives a natural effect, with separation and holding the curl all day... but most importantly NO MORE compromises between itchy, streaming and torturing eyes or wearing eye make up! Yay!

Have you tried Living Nature before? Do you also have sensitive eyes?


  1. Looks great Ale, I love the lipsticks from this brand so will have to try this one at some point :) Xx

    1. Ummm lippie? I need to try THAT! ;) xx


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