Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Maternity / The Things That Noone Tells You About

When you are pregnant, google becomes your best and worst friend. I learned to stick to 'reputable' message boards and NHS endorsed websites, but in any case you will most likely find yourself googling A LOT: a new twitch in your pelvis area or kicks (umm) down there.. and as soon as the mighty line starts auto-populate, you feel relief and that you're not alone.
On your dozen searches a day - kidding (not really!) - you will read A LOT and come across the same stuff/tips all the times... so why the hell was I not prepared for these??!!:

- Growing Spurs: at around 3 weeks, your newborn will want to feed ALL THE TIME! Like that, out of the blue, she started wanting to feed every hour and I was pretty much nursing around the clock. Again, a quick search on the web and you come across the growing spurs... AND WHY NOBODY PREPARED YOU FOR THIS? They are exactly what they sound like: baby growing, hence wanting more food. And rejoy, there are several in the first year - but you will learn to recognise them.

- Wonder Weeks: so your baby is 12 weeks and has become incredibly cranky, doesn't sleep well and putting 2 & 2 together, you realise that he is going through another development leap. These are basically like growing spurs but for the brain where babies learn new skills/reach milestones.

- The 4 month Sleep Regression: (Touch wood) Lara has been having a smooth transition with this change. I don't like the word 'regression' - it's more like a change where the infant starts to sleep in cycles like an adult so having 'light sleep phases'  where she is prone to wake up because she hasn't learnt to self-soothe yet.
And your best defence is the attack: teach your baby to self-soothe from the beginning! It will probably save you a lot of stressful and tearful time when you attempt to sleep training, later on.

TMI ALERT!!! Your first Number 2 after birth... is like giving birth all over again! And I had a c-section, mind you, so it's possible that I may be a tad exaggerating here but - BELIEVE ME - I was kind of glad that I had a caesarean. 
Sure! You may be worried to pull stitches down there but I was also wary to pull my stitches inside and outside (which I really hope it takes more than that!).
 It's not only a psychological block, so if you're still pregnant get your doctor/midwife to give you some Lactulose that is like a sugary syrup and makes all the difference (also safe for breastfeeding). That way you don't need to waste time to the GP once your newborn is here and a million other things to think about. 

Please, be aware that  this is to be viewed like a checklist - Topics that I'd recommend you read about because there are reasons behind your baby suddenly temperament changes. There are plenty of exhaustive information out there and what I found interesting is that, althought very baby is unique, they do follow the same developments/stages in quite a set timeframe... and it's reassuring to know that it is 'normal'!


  1. Ah love this! so true!

    Though my first No2 after birth (vaginal, gas and air) didn't hurt at all,I was worried it would but didn't hurt, just uncomfortable. I think I was lucky as I only had 2nd degree tears but my midwife (despite having to take stitches out to do them again) did a great job so I healed well.

    For me, what nobody tells you about is the sleep deprivation after bringing baby home - sleep deprivation is a form of torture for a reason, lordy! it is tough being a new mum isn't it !

    Arg, all worth it though seeing those first smiles xx

    1. omg, i would have killed my midwife!! but glad, you didn have a traumatic experience ;) xx

  2. Yep, nobody tells you that going to the toilet after birth either number 1 or number 2 is worse than the birth itself! I remember having to use a jug of water to go pee because the stinging on the stitches was awful! Also the meconium... urgghhh sticky stuff coming out of the newborns bum ha ha.. I could go on. Great read Ale! :) Xx

    1. haha, I know that black tar poo is unbeliavalbe... you really need to see it to believe it, right? ;) xx


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