Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Pregnancy / Birth Story

Let's start from the end, I guess.
Lara was delivered through c-section which is a bit of anti-climax really.
Anyway, here it goes...
On 20th of January around 4:40pm - I was resting in bed, dozing off... when my waters broke; luckily, I managed to rush to the toilet and save the mattress. I remember how people told me that it's not like in the movies, that you probably just drip some water or your waters may not even break... and surely enough, mine went big style!
I immediately phoned the maternity assessment that told me to go in to check 'if' my waters really broke; then, I phone my husband - which was in work - and told him to come home.
At this point, I was calmer than expected. This was 2 weeks earlier than my due date, so I quickly checked my hospital bags and then sat on the toilet waiting for the hubby with buckets and buckets pouring out of me. ;)
I didn't have any contraction so, once at the hospital, I made my way to the maternity assessment and Richard went to park the car.
I didn't spend much time there, around an hour: they put few needles in my arms, whilst monitoring the baby and waiting for the labour ward to take me to my room. 
I have to say the birthing suite was lovely - the light was dimmed down, it was warm and clean, I had my private bathroom... but what I noticed straight away was the wee baby table in the corner with the tiniest hat waiting for my baby.
I was pretty relaxed and  - since I still had no contractions - I was going to be induced.
My midwife was in her 50s, lovely chatty lady and I remember her joking "I wonder if she will be born today or tomorrow".
At around 8pm and minutes (!!!!) before getting induced, she was going to give me an examination and she started with my belly.
She suddenly said "ummm, I think that's a head", touching the top of my belly, where the bum is supposed to be.
My husband & I, nearly in unison, said that it was not possible and we were positive that it was the bum!
Hehe, the lovely lady must have sensed how strong we felt that she said that she was probably wrong but she wanted to get a doctor to double-check; 2 female doctors came with an ultrasound machine... and surely enough, she was breech!!!
I felt a bit of shock! My bloody community midwife had been telling me for the past 3 months that that was a nice, round bum.
I was also pretty annoyed - she fuc**d up big time!
As a matter of fact, we went to see her for a routine check that same morning and she still didn't notice what was going on.

Anyway, I didn't have much of a choice and had to have a c-section.
I really didn't want a cesarean, never had an operation before or spent the  night in the hospital. An amount of doctors, anaesthesiologists started coming into my room, asking me question which I replied to but it's all kind of a blur... my baby was definitely going to be born tonight!
Luckily the ward was quite so I was next - my midwife put me in a hospital gown and then we all walked to the theatre.
Everyone was extremely lovely, supportive and reassuring - I was a bit tachycardic (considering the situation) and I felt really well looked after. I had a spinal and then Richard joined me, sitting by my head. 
I felt the operation was so long! In actual facts, it was probably only 20 minutes from when they started 'til when she was born... but I was waiting for a wee cry and it felt like forever.
I could also feel all the pulling and stretching which wasn't too pleasant but not sore.
I remember looking up and the assistant anaesthesiologist was bending forward the screen to look at my belly and she was smiling... and Lara was born!
I didn't manage to get a glimpse when they took her to the table to get her checked and cleaned, but I could hear her and that was all that mattered.
Said assistant was fantastic: she grabbed my husband phone and started taking pictures (and videos!!!) for us. Awesome!
Few minutes later, we were introduced for the first time - they lied her, all bundled up, on Richard's arm next to me.
I was dying to see her: she looked a bit squashed, crusty, with a tiny bloody tear at the corned of her right eye... and pouting! :D
After they finished stitching me up, they placed her on my chest and wheeled me to the recovery room which was empty... a quiet night indeed.
I was there for only an hour and we started with the breastfeeding practise; she latched on after few attempts but she didn't seem too convinced or simply pretty tired.

Finally, I was moved to the maternity ward around midnight where I had to say goodbye to my husband for the night.
I had never spent a night in a hospital before and was a bit apprehensive on how I would cope.
Instead, I felt extremely calm, content and serene... and she was there - my wee girl - staring back at me thought the crib and there was nowhere else that I'd rather be!

How I feel about the c-section: annoyed that my midwife fuc*ed up; she apologised afterwards and, considering that all went well, all is forgive
The c-section per se was easy but the recovery was a bitch; caring for a newborn is demanding enough, without having had major abdominal surgery; it's frustrating and sore and makes nursing that much more challenging.

Feel free to ask any question or to share your experience - and leave the link in the comments!


  1. Congratulations! I feel your pain with medical f - ups. My baby was born on April 2, I haven't yet done a post, but there were a catalogue of errors. Not ok. But glad you are doing well. Stay strong and well written birth story x

    1. Congrats to you too sweetie! can't wait to read your birth story too :) x

  2. PS, if you ever want to chat etc my email is urbandecayqueen@hotmail.com I am struggling at the mo with sleep deprivation! argh! x

  3. Wow! I'm due in ten days and the thought of having to have a C-section and not even crossed my mind! I'll be getting the midwives to double check her position at my next visit on Friday for sure!

    1. Hehe definitely do that! I had no r eason to doubt my midwife... But I guess we all make mistakes and all is well! X

  4. Oh sweetie. I'm sorry that your midwife made a mistake and this is how it turned out. I hated my c-section and was determined not to have another one with Jude. Give me a shout if you ever need support with anything xx


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