Thursday, 30 April 2015

Review / Docteur Renaud 7-in-1 Apricot BB Eye Cream

As a new mummy, my dark circles have gone from bad to worst; apart from the chronic tiredness, I'm also super busy with my new bundle of joy and I have limited time to dedicate to my beauty regime or make up application.
Consequently, I've also developed quite dry skin in the eye area and my old long lasting concealer is just highlighting these problems, making things worst.

So I was looking for a new product that would act both as skincare and make up and I came across the Docteur Renaud 7-in-1 Apricot BB Eyes* which sounded just the perfect multitasking product for my hectic routine.

The pencil is super practical but I prefer to take and apply the product with my finger (for hygienic purposes); the creamy and soft formula is very easy to blend, doesn't drag on the skin and doesn't settle in fine lines.
The Universal Beige shade is suitable for most skintones and it perfectly camouflages dark circles; admittedly, this is not a full coverage concealer but it really brightens the eye area and adds radiance. The final result is a dramatic improvement with a natural finish.
The shea butter helps deliver moisturization and maintain elasticity to further reduce signs of ageing and tiredness; apricot butter is comforting and has restorative properties, it's rich in essential fatty acids to aid repair, nourish and protect the skin.  

Docteur Renaud is renowned for using organic flower, fruit and vegetable extracts to deliver both health and nutrition to the skin. Have you tried their products yet?  


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