Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Review / Redken Nature's Rescue Refining Sea Polish

Today's review is about the Redken Nature's Rescue Refining Sea Polish*.
I was surprised - maybe like you - when I first saw this product: it's basically a scrub for your locks and I have never heard of anything like this before. Surprised and apprehensive, I must admit - but I  HAD to give it a try!
It contains pumice that removes impurities and smooths hair surface; it's suitable for coloured hair and also big plus because it's silicone and paraben free.

It can be used both on the scalp and the length of the hair; you massage it in from roots to ends after shampooing and you're not supposed to use a conditioner afterwards (which makes sense, since you're deep cleansing and you don't just want to add a thick layer of product).
If you don't feel comfortable about leaving the conditioner out, I suggest to use a 2-in-1 shampoo or a leave-in detlanger.
I got to say that I didn't miss the conditions step, tho: my hair were left super-soft and bouncy, once blow-dried. 

I was a bit worried on the rinsing part, but the product was surprisingly easy to remove and I didn't spend any extra time in the shower than when I do my regular shampoo/conditioner routine.
It is a gentle exfoliant, non-damaging and it has a discreet, fresh scent; it does't foam up but it's easy to spread and work into the hair.

All round a fantastic discovery! I just wish I'd come in a bigger size too because it will now firmly be part of my hair regime as a weekly detox treatment. You can pick up a tube on Hairtrade.com, the Uk's leading online retailer of hair extensions, hair care and beauty products.


  1. I've never heard of anything like this either! I'm always excited to try new things so thanks for sharing your find! xxx

  2. I'm a huge fan of the shampoo in this range x

    1. I definitely want to try the mask next. x

  3. Oh, interesting! This is a first for me, too - sounds great!

  4. I have never heard about anything like this before either but now I want to try it :D

    1. let me know if you try it. interested to see how you like it :) xx


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