Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Introducing / O'right Green Hair Care

Hair O'right is an award-winning haircare range from Taiwan and a new launch for 2014, on the UK market. 
They have an innovative eco commitment and the whole philosophy of the brand revolves around sustainability and natural ingredients - without compromising on quality. 
They have a wide selection of shampoos, conditioners and treatments for any hair type, infused with ECOCERT certified ingredients like goji berry, purple rose and ginkgo leaf.

I chose the O'right Green Tea Shampoo* to test out.
It's a damn good shampoo! It's extremely cleansing and with a lovely fruity scent. 
The consistency feels runnier than your regular high street brands, but it foams up nicely and a little goes a long way. 
We normally take in the benefits of green tea, drinking it but its anti-oxidants properties are also beneficial for the hair in this form. It can help eliminate toxins and inhibit the growth of Dihydrotesterone, which can increase hair loss; it also contains vitamins E and C which, make the hair shinier.
It simply feels right (or should I say O'right?) - It's effective and without nasty chemicals for me or the planet!

I love the slim design of the bottle and the bamboo cup - the bottle itself is also biodegradable!
In fact, their 'Tree In A Bottle' design is an award-winner and is the world's only beauty product that from manufacturing to disposal will yield a negative carbon footprint.

It's made from PLA, which is the most eco-friendly material and it's extracted from waste fruits and vegetables.
Once you finish the product, you can bury it into soil and it will turn into compost within a year.
There are also seeds hidden inside the bottom of the bottle that will grow into a tree - How Cool Is That?!
Now I can't wait to finish my shampoo and wait for my cute plant to make an appearance. ;)

Apart from joking, I was well impressed with the actual product and I'm definitely planning on try more from this brand; the green approach is certainly a bonus and I know that many of you also appreciate an environmental commitment in the beauty industry.
Hair O'right will soon be available at leading premium salons and department stores - in the meantime, you can place an order on


  1. nice review, sounds interesting :)

  2. Sounds lovely! Never heard of that brand though ;)

    1. Great products, you should check them out :) xx

  3. Sounds great, the scent especially sounds lovely :) x

  4. a shampoo with fruity scent is to die for. I'd love to try this! <3


  5. This sounds simply fabulous! :) Xx

    1. it's fab indeed. can't wait to try more from this brand xx

  6. Wow ,sounds really good! Great Review :)


  7. first time I hear about this brand and everything about it seems great! The concept is interesting and the seeds are such a cool idea :)

    1. I agree, great and green concept! :)


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