Saturday, 29 June 2013

Introducing / Etat Pur

Etat Pur is a skincare system developed by Jean-Noel Thorel, the man behind Bioderma/Institut Esthederm; he is the inventor of biomimetic cosmetics, the philosophy of Etat Pur which is a totally new approach to skincare.
Etat Pur aims at meeting customers expectations, delivering a totally customized beauty regime; it means going back to basics, using only clear ingredients with proven action and without anything which is useless or harmful.
This innovative routine works around 2 phases: the first line - pure actives - targets specific problems at the optimal dosage, wherever needed; the second line - biomimetic skincare - takes care of the skin needs in absolute respect of his nature.
It's skincare personalization to the next degree and, when you visit, you'll be able to do a quick test and come up with the perfect solutions for your needs.

For my dark circles, I was 'prescribed' Etat Pur Apigenin [25mg]*
This serum targets dark circles and at the same time smoothes out the delicate and thin area around the eyes and reduces signs of fatigue.
I could really see a visible improvement within days; I started with an initial intensive treatment, using it mornings and nights for a couple of weeks and now I only need 1 application for day.
This is definitely an essential step of my skincare regime now with such fantastic brightening results!

The pure molecule of this product is extracted from Grapefruit, with a purity level of over 95% and these concentrated essences come in handy bottles which dispense the right dose for every application.

Etat Pur Citric Acid - AHA [3000 mg]* targets dull skin, instead.
I'm a big fan of AHA and always looking for radiance enhancing products; citric acid is an acid found in fruits and a powerful natural exfoliant so you only need to use this item 1 to 3 times a week, at night only.
I did experience some dry patches on my chin, but nothing major, and the dryness actually testifies for the regeneration of the cells.
I can also see results on my cheeks with a rosy and healthy complexion!

Finally, the website recommended Etat Pur Glabridin [2.5 mg]* to target hyperpigmentation.
The main extract comes from liquorice roots which inhibit the synthesis of melanin and has very good depigmentation power. 
The consistency of this item is a bit too oily for my skin type, in fact I can't really use it during the day so I've been applying it at night, alternating it with the other serum; as mentioned above, the citric acid can be a bit drying but I found that the lipids in Glabridin compensate with that and the 2 products work in perfect synergy together!

I love the transparency of this brand and you can also read clinical studies which prove the effectiveness of the active ingredients on the website.
Have you heard of Etat Pur before? :)


  1. I haven't heard of the brand nor its products but from the looks of it, I thinks its worth the try. :)
    is is expensive?

    1. It's really reasonable priced, actually. Have a look on their website :)

  2. These products sound really good. Never heard of the brand though. I hope I see it about though :) x

    1. It should definitely have more recognition - it's really effective :) x


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