Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Blog Update

Hello lovelies!
you may have noticed some changes on my blog - It was time for a makeover. I'm really pleased with it - love the slick white background and I'm all about pastels. :)
Hope you like it too!

Then *Most Importantly* I had to change the address! It is now: -   fashion-olic really started to annoy me. I chose it 4 years ago and it just wasn't me anymore; you still get the odd fashion bits/hauls but beauty is my main focus now. I'm also really into lifestyle tips and I enjoy other people's posts so I have added two new sections to the navigation bar: 

- shop
Here you'll find knitted goodies and handmade jewellery from yours truly. I just really like getting crafty and - knitting especially - I find it relaxing and love seeing the progress row after row... but there's a limit to the amount of scarves a person can have. ;)

 - crafts/projects
as mentioned about, I love getting crafty so here is where I share DIY projects and tutorials... yesterday was the first post of this type - I received a fab response from you guys, thanks so much!

You will also notice that now I go by the name of Ale, instead of Alex. Simply because it feels more me, most people call me Ale... not that big of a change really, but could be confusing hence the explanation - Still me! :D

Finally, I have also created a Facebook page - and a reminder again of the ways you can follow me:


  1. Looks lovely, great job! xx

  2. Love the colours xx

  3. ooh, pretty makeover! blog's looking fab xxx

    1. thanks for the feedback, sweetie. xxx

  4. Yes, I really love your new design!

    ps. Today is my blog's birthday! Wanna wish me Happy Bday?
    Nameless Fashion Blog
    Nameless Fashion Blog Facebook page

  5. Love love LOVE the new look, such pretty colours! <3

  6. lovely blog makeover! :)) I love everything especially the header :)

    1. I know, the header is my favourite too. :)


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