Friday, 4 May 2012

Onça Health & Beauty Elixir

Getting married is exhausting!
Once the excitement and adrenaline left my body, I felt drained  and a wee bit sad. :(
Also, it didn't help to be back at work 2 days after - I, now, realise the importance of the honeymoon (!!!)
Luckly, I had just received in the post Onça, the new beauty and energy supplement... and what better occasion to put it to the test.

Onça is a two-phase system with 2 sachets to be taken in the morning and evening with a different blend that specially targets your needs during the day.
The ingredients are natural botanic extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants coming from the Amazon.
The company says that this combination has the property to increase collagen and improve appearance of the skin; also, reduce the appearance of cellulite, promote weight loss, better sleep and improve anxiety.
The production is highly exclusive and limited to only 3,000 people to ensure an ethical treatment and highest standard of the nutrients.

I can't tell you how excited I am by these promises: of course, the aesthetic benefits are appealing but even more I'm looking forward to keep my anxiety level at bay.
Morning - it's the activator: energises, cleanses, detoxifies and creates a sense of harmony and wellbeing.
Evening - it's the regenerator: support body recovery, reinforces health, beauty and body's cells.

The product is in powder form and needs to be dissolved before drinking; It's recommended with milk too but personally, I prefer it with just water.
The drink is very tasty and it has a strong flavour - it's pretty sweet and easily drinkable so I think that adding milk is just 'too much' - personal preference, of course.
It's a bit tricky to mix so I noticed it helps to add a bit of boiling water at the start... or you can also have it with warm water like an herbal tea, perhaps (I just thought of that now, actually... hehe... I'll try tonight :)).

I like that I can read the list of ingredients and recognise what's in it: açai, guaraná, acacia, zinc, grapes...
and you can actually feel the seeds and pieces coming from the fruits, in your mouth.

Have you heard of this product before? Interested in trying it?
It's available via 

*pr sample* 


  1. I'd be very interested in knowing how you get on with these.

    And a Honeymoon is important, we didn't get married in the UK so never had a Honeymoon and you do feel a bit flat afterwards but it passes, you'll be fine soon.

    1. we also got married abroad but hopefully try and take some time off soon again. Where did you get married? :) x


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