Thursday, 24 May 2012

Debenhams 4/6

MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in Medium
I don't have a favourite setting powder so I have been trying few different ones, recently. I don't need to use a setting powder regularly, luckly... nevertheless I've started this quest to find the perfect one to use on my wedding day.
One product that always seems to come up as a recommendation on blogs is the Mac Mineralize SkinFinish.
Let me just have a rant now! So, I went to the MAc counter in House of Fraser Glasgow to have a feel of this powder, research it a bit... well, it was the most horrific experience - seriously! 
First, I had to wander about for at least 10 minutes before somebody acknowledged my presence... I had to STARE until I, finally, met eyes with one of them and prompt her to come to me. (let's just leave the fact that she was the most flat, non enthusiastic sales assistant ever)... what really makes her a criminal is the fact that she applied said product with a cotton wool pad on my face!!! I let you immagine the result! 
I felt and looked like a layer of wax had been poured on me and I was so upset and ashamed to be seen like that in public that I only caught the first train home, abbandoning my day of shopping. :(
Of course, she didn't even manage to colourmatch me correctly!
All this just to tell you why I NEVER BUY AT MAC COUNTERS!!! I'm no expert but oh boy, to receive such service and getting disappointed (so many times)... I can, definitely, do a better judgment job myself.

Anyway, back to the product: I chose medium and it is damn good indeed.

Elemis Absolute Eye Mask
I, extensively, raved about the serum here - so I decided I want to try every product from Elemis eye range. I picked up this mask because I  have never used an eye mask before but I adore face masks and I can see the benefits of using them.
Unfortunately, this product doesn't seem to make any difference for me!
It said you can use it up to 3 times per week (which seems too much in my opinion), the consistency is very light, gel-like but - aside from the fact that I didn't notice any improvment - it also stings a bit!

I can say, firmly, that I won't repurchase but I'm finishing it up, using it during my weekly steam facial to protect that area (instead of using vaseline).

this quantity is, actually, enough for both eyes... directions state to use sparingly

Have you tried any of these products... I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. The staff at MAC in House of Fraser are so rude, it's like they think you are just a pest getting in the way of them gossiping and standing around looking bored lol! This is exactly why I love online shopping! x

  2. We have the same problem with the girls working on several of the cosmetics counters in Debenhams in Gloucester. Terrible service. They stand around for ages ignoring you and then behave severly put out and inconvenienced when they finally do decide to serve you. The amount of times I have just walked off now because I've just been stood there whilst they ignore me! I don't think it is just a MAC related problem.


  3. Good, I mean bad... but its good to know it's not me inspiring rudeness in people ;)

  4. Yeah I've had some similar experiences with MAC sales assistants, have been wrongly colour-matched a fair few times too! x

  5. I have never owned a mac msf to set my foundation

    1. I think you can probably use it on his own too, but I find it looks too powdery that way. X


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