Tuesday, 29 May 2012

bareMinerals READY - first thoughts

Recently, I mentioned that I'm getting hooked on bareMinerals - I'm very impressed with all the products I've tried so far: staying power is good, colours are pretty... mineral make up has, definitely, made great improvements in recent years.

Anyway, bM just came out with a new line READY, including eye palettes, finishing powder, blushes... the difference? They are pressed powders. 
In my opinion, a good decision as I was complaining about the mess in my review here.

I went and bought an eyeshadow duo. They remind me of the Nars duos - also because the packaging is the same rubbery material. This is - definitely - a lovely set for 19quid!

I chose The Vision because I don't have anything quite like this. Also, the dark one - Mirage - looks pretty similar to Lorac 3D-licious eyeshadow which was on my list and considering this is not a colour I would use very often, it's a good compromise (price-wise too). It's a brown with a blue duo chrome, really pretty.
The lighter shade - Illusion - is the prettiest powder blue without looking chalky.
They appears like powder but transform into cream, don't crease and they blend very well too.

I may pick few more colours - The Phenomenon, Hidden Agenda and Paradise Found are top of my list.

Btw, did you notice that Debenhams Beauty Club Card - they add a random 500 points into your account, sometimes? They are not points that you have earned but bonuses (like a fiver fallen from the sky) that needs to be used pretty fast, tho (usually in 2/4 weeks time) otherwise you'll loose them... anyway, I thought to mention it as I lost some myself in the past and used this promotion in the above purchase.

Have you tried this product... or looking forward to? :)


  1. I keep seeing these and I'm so tempted by them! Really want to try the blushers :)


    1. I know, there are some pretty colours in the blushes range too :)

  2. I so want one of these duos - they are gorgeous x

    1. Definitely a great deal for the price and there are so many colour combinations - after the spending ban, of course. ;)

  3. Woooow i've wanted a READY palette pretty much since they came out but haven't decided which shades to get yet, you have just convinced me to get this one! :) SO pretty!!

    1. I know what you mean - I spent half and hour swatching and pondering at the counter... Hehe you can still buy ALL of them if you can't decide ;P


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