Friday, 16 March 2012

Giveaway Reminder & Haircut

It's now, officially, less than a month to my wedding - arghhhh!!!
I'm mostly excited now and I can't wait for the big day but at the same time I don't want to come too fast... I'll, probably, sounds weird but I'm loving being engaged. :)

Anyway... also, a reminder about my giveway - you got time until the 20th march and you can enter here:

Yesterday, I went for an haircut.
I haven't had my hair this short since before the engagement; I have been growing it, just in case I decided in a particular style for the wedding but, to be honest, I don't suit up-dos and I prefer my hair short, anyway.
I have a couple of trials booked in Italy but if nothing convinces me, at least I still have my 'fresh' haircut to fall back on. :)
The fringe is a bit shorter than usual but that way, it has time to grow to the right length for the big day.
Pardon the messy make-up but I had to brush a massive quantity of hair off of my face. ;P

Finally, I popped in Boots to collect my Revlon Lip Butters delivery; I decided to get it delivered in store to avoid missing the postman since I knew I was in town for the haircut.
I have been waiting for so long about these to come out and got a bit carried away and ordered 6 - they're in offer, 2 for £10 and they'll be available in store from monday.
I'm planning on going to swatch them and then decide which ones to return so sorry but they're still sealed (it's a torture!!).

Which ones should I keep? :)

I, also, ordered these extra bits:
Eylure Naturalites 101 - these are my favourite Eylure lashes.
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in medium - everybody seems to love this so I had to try it. I'm, especially, hoping it won't crease.
Nailene Perfect Tips - I'm not into french manicure but I wanna try the nude/light blue which is trending after Zooey Deschanel picture. 


  1. love the new hair

  2. Your new hair cut looks lovely :) I can't wait for the lip butters!! x

  3. Your hair is so pretty, love it!
    Can't wait for the post about the lip butters :) x

    1. Me too. I cant wait to give the lip butters a go. :)

  4. lovely haircut! Berry Smoothie - just so wearable x

    1. I know, it looks beautiful... It is definitely top of the list!! Xx

  5. I love your haircut, gorgeous! xx

    1. oh, you're too kind - thank you!! xx


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