Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Esme Perfume Pendant

If you're, like me, a jewellery AND perfume junkie... then this is the perfect accessorise for you!!!
Esme has created a pendant with a inner heart to store your favourite fragance - ideal to freshen up when out and about.

The jewellery part: it's a stunning Faberge-esque enamel egg with crystals encrusted rim. 
It comes on a 30" silver chain and it has a magnetic fastening.

The perfume part: inside the pendant is hosted a wee container with a rollerball dispenser; all you have to do is spray your perfume into it 2/3 times... and voila' your favourite scent is ready to be with you all day.
Pretty cool, uh!! :)

Esme has created their signature fragrance too; it's described as 'an invigorating fragrance with zesty mandarin and grapefruit entwined with thyme, mint and green notes'... sounds very interesting!!

There's, also a keyring available to buy and the pendant comes in all different colours and styles... I already have my eyes set on the storm blue one :)

It's the perfect and original gift for Mother's Day.
Available to purchase at www.esmejewellery.co.uk

*pr sample*


  1. These look beautiful! Really nice idea too especially if you run out the door like me and forget to put your perfume on - I feel naked without it! x


  2. That is beautiful, and practical too. I like it :) x

  3. It's beautiful! And feels a bit Vivienne Westwood, too!

    1. You're right - its stylish!! :)


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