Monday, 17 October 2011

Mag Freebie

I'm sure you all know about this already... anyway, I got my copy last week in Tesco.
A few posts ago I was raving about L'Occitane Limited Edition Shea Butter Lip Balm and now Maire Claire is giving away a free hand cream with the november copy.

You can take your pick between cocoa butter, hibiscus, rose or original; I chose hibiscus!
Honest, I had no idea how this flower smells like but I'm instantly in love. <3
This is a full 30ml product which sells for £7.50, whilst the magazine is £3.60...  you do the maths, I'm tempted to get another copy. 


...and today my fiancé came home with another copy with the rose version. sweet, innit?! :)
This version is also lovely but I still prefer hibiscus - I can't stop smelling my hands when I use it.

Happy Hands indeed!! :)


  1. omg call me crazy but i picked up 3 copies of this magazine, i got the shea butter, the hibiscus and they one for dry hands. I'm going to go back for the rose though, it wasn't on the stands when I went to the grocery store! I also trapped in style because they were giving away a Cowshed hand cream which is worth £8! lol x

  2. Hehe. Totally understandable. ;)

  3. I got the Cocoa Butter one, it's SOO good, love it :D

  4. I got the rose one, which I love (tho still thinking about picking up another), also got the cowshed soothing one which smells fab with sweet orange and peppermint x

  5. I've never used those before but the packaging looks lush :) Xx

  6. I got the hibiscus one today ;-)

  7. I am totally addicted to hibiscus now, REALLY!!!

  8. Free L'Occitane hand cream when you buy a fun magazine? Lucky!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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