Monday, 10 October 2011

GlossyBox September Edition

Hello lovelies!
Apologies for this late post but I swapped 1 of the items and I wanted to wait to have the complete box, before posting my review.
So, theme of the box was 5 Future Classics - basically, the newest formulas that are bound to become big.

HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette in Foxy: this is the item I swapped. Initially, I was sent the Bombshell version but I'm clearly not blonde (you see, this is what I'm not too happy about Glossybox: I think they should customise the boxes better or send everybody the same stuff). Anyway, I read around that many people were excited about this one - me personally, not so much.
Mainly because I have a fringe and I never do my brows: yes, it's a nice kit, I will probably use it as eye shadows and It may come in handy in the future but I could have lived without it.
 I gave it a go - It came out a bit thick but I have never done this before; it seems pretty easy to master with a bit of practise and once it's on you need make up remover to take it off.
Full size, retail price £19.95

I reckon it's an ok match for my hair colour

L'Oreal Professionnel Mysthic Oil: this is the star item for me! I'm usually very fussy with hair products but I love this and I can't stop using it. 
It's a blend of avocado and grape seed oil that nourishes the hair and smells d-i-v-i-n-e. You can use it both on wet and dry hair but I usually only put on 2 pumps after my shampoo; on top of that, it doesn't leave my hair feel heavy. This bottle will last for a long time but I will repurchase when I run out. 
Full size, retail price £ 14.95 (but you can get it cheaper here).

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse: another product I love! I wanted to try this for some time and I'm glad I got it in this box. It feels good on the skin and I love the smell - in fact when I wear this I don't feel the need to wear a perfume too. I will definitely take advantage of the discount code and get the or version here.
This is a generous sample; full bottles come in 50ml and 100ml and cost between £16.50 - £37.00

Plum by Mary Greenwell Eau de Parfum: I don't really care of this one, to be honest; it's ok but not my cup of tea. Plus, as many other bloggers pointed out... ENOUGH WITH PERFUME SAMPLES!!
Full bottle costs £60

StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate: I'm a bit of a sucker for eye creams; especially after turning 30 so I tried this straight away. At first, I was surprised by the smell: it's quite subtly fruity and unexpectedly so because of the high-tech packaging I was expecting a more chemical smell, if it makes sense. It was a nice surprise anyway.
During the first few applications I felt a tingling and warming sensation - nothing too uncomfortable but definitely noticeable. Also, I could see that after just 2 days my dark circles were positively lighter.
Now,  about reducing fine lines I haven't seen any improvement but the sample is for 2 weeks only and the product promises smoother wrinkles after 8 weeks.
All in all, I'm very pleased with this product and would totally recommend.
Price - well that's the sore note: £49 for 30ml.

What were your impressions on this box?


  1. That's impressive about the eye cream reducing the dark circles! x x

  2. I flogged my hd brows kit on ebay lol cos I knew I'd never use it, I'm happy with my £1 MUA matte brown for my brows. x

  3. the brows kit looks really good.
    thanks for commenting on my blog.i want to follow you.but my follow botton and bloglovin does not work.i can only follow through google friend connect.but there is no google friend connext button on your page.can you msg the solution on my blog. :)

  4. looks good though I can't afford another box at the mo! The eye cream sounds fab! x

  5. @sianisian : I know. I was well impressed too. I noticed the improvement after 2 days but I don't wanna say they kept going lighter and lighter. Still I'm happy with that. I'm still using it, so I wasnt to see if they will go back to normal after stopping using it.

    @Emma : I heard the MUA is pretty good too. I kept mine, even if I'm not going to use it regularly, as I don't have any other kit for brows.

    @kukiskuku : thanks for the msg. I will visit your blog soon. :)

    @beauty balm : tell me about it! I will probably unsubscribe from BP. :(

  6. I love the hd brows palette. One thing i like to get perfect is my eyebrows, i was so happy this was in the box. I didnt get the mythic oil, gutted! I had sachets of shampoo and conditioner instead. I love the smell of plum... I wasnt sure at first but it grew on me, shame its so expensive though.
    Holli x

  7. You are so lucky! That mythic oil sounds wonderful. I wasn't as thrilled about my box, I got the salt scrub samples, a hair shine spray and a little balm. Not bad, but your oils look great. I haven't tried the hd brows yet. BTW, if you don't mind me saying your brows are perfect!

  8. I love the sound of the Mythic Oil :) wish I got that in my box :(
    I loved the HD brows kit especially now I've recently had my brows tinted. :) Xx

  9. I know many people were disappointed about the Mythic Oil - I think they should really send everybody the same stuff... It's fairer. :(

  10. You definitely got the best box! The eye cream sounds amazing and Nuxe Oil is a fantastic product. Did you notice how Glossybox recently put up the Beauty Profile again on Customers accounts and now it's again vanished?! I think a lot of people complained about getting the wrong shades sent to them in the brow palette (I swapped my Bombshell too!) x

  11. Aww your HD brows is all scratched! It didn't come with a box sorry hun :( Glad you like it tho! x

  12. No, i think it looks worst than it is in the pic. :)


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