Saturday, 8 October 2011

Birthday BeautyBox Delivery for me! :)

I've just received my first FeelUnique beauty box.
This is my first one and I'm very pleased... what do you think? 

If you are interested in subscribing, just visit - you can also check out the amazing brands they sell - and you're likely to receive! :)


  1. Looks like a good box! Are they all sample sizes as they look quite big? xx

  2. Tigi is a full size, maybe travel version. The others are very generous: 60ml bliss wash, hand cream is handbag size, orly polish is full size too.
    Hope this helps. :)

  3. Great, box, I've got the same one except green shade of Orly...not my colour though :-/
    Oh and Orly nail polish is not a full versio, this is a miniature :)

  4. ive got five on the go now, just got the carmie one today, its great and 2 make up items included.x the tigi stuff from the feel unique box make your hair shiny.x

  5. This looks good, not sure that I'll sub to them again as I already have three on the go at the moment, but I can see a lot more people talking about this one x

  6. @lucisek-Lucy's Stash : oh, you're right. : I got confused with the Mavala ones that are small. Thanks for letting me know. :)

    @sparkle beauty blog : I've only tried 3 so far. The Carmine looks really good, I might give it a go but I will probably unsubscribe from BP.
    I don't think I'm gonna use the tigi product, try to swap it. Is it good? Have you tried it before?

    @Evelyn : I know, I will have to make a decision and keep 2 at a max. At the moment I'm thinking GB & FU.

  7. i always love discovering new brands, so this sounds ideal! Thank you for blogging about :) x

  8. I just got mine too! loving it!!!

  9. Looks like a good box, generous amount of products.:D Enjoy!:D

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  10. I am also loving the feel unique box. Think I will use all items apart from the nail polish, but will try and swap on "Beauty Box Swaps" on Facebook x

  11. @kia : absolutely, it's ideal way to try new stuff without committing to full sizes. The days when I used to buy stuff and try my luck are over!!

    @spitting pink : glad you like it. Money well spent!! ;)

    @Marie : I'm really impressed with the sizes too.

    @Beauty Balm : me too, I'm planning on swapping the tigi product on the Facebook page. I already had 2 successful exchanges there. :)

  12. ohhh nice box :)Xx

  13. I'm jealous of the Tigi their products always smell amazing :)

  14. @Claire Louise : It does smell great and it has got glitter in it, but I don't see any difference to my hair, to be honest...


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