Friday, 20 May 2011


I received my delivery from Debenhams this morning FINALLY! saying finally because I placed my order on Tuesday evening and 3 days doesn't seem acceptable for such a big company (or maybe we've just been treated too well from Topshop, ASOS and such where next day delivery is pretty much the norm...).
Anyhow, why did I order online? Because they are doing 10% off promotion, offering free delivery and brands I wanted (see below) are not stocked in the Glasgow store. :( buuuuuuu!!!
Sure, I could have got them in House of Fraser but a) no 10% discount & b) I got the beauty club fidelity card from Deb ( and every little helps ;)).

So, what did I get:

Origins Vitazing SPF15: this is a day cream that enhances skin radiance. Straight from tube, it has got brown spheres in a white cream so it looks like it could be like a tinted moisturiser but coverage is pretty poor. Saying that though, I'm liking it! It does make your skin glow and seems to improve as the day goes by; I also like the very very light consistency but I can't stand the smell. I heard on YouTube it smelled like citrus fruits but to me it just smells like old, expired cream if you know what I mean - I don't know, maybe thats how 'Mangosteen' smells like. Fortunately, the smell disappears quickly.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush in #3 Coral
Funny fact here: basically I was inj front of the window trying all the blushers I got (checking if I already have a similar one and the possibility to return this one) when Richard walks in, looks at my hand and point that the BB one as his favourite. Hehe, there you go - I suppose that's a keeper after all (Fiancé & Blusher ;))

MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Honey Rose: I'm in love with this powder. It is not a setting but more like an highlighter, for the shimmer. The colour is gorgeous and really works well with my skin tone but the technology behind it is what's really amazing!
As for press release: "A silky, feather-light powder, formulated with 70% water, dusts on to the skin as a cooling mist to set and enhance the look of any foundation. Beyond sheer: light-reflecting and translucent. A virtually invisible way to add luminosity and a soft radiant glow to the skin."
Yeah, what's most surprising is the feeling on the skin - does feel like splash of water - and definitely recommend it. Also not too expensive, I reckon.

P.s.: further issue with Debenhams website - they don't accept my Visa Electron or Paypal so I had to buy a gift card in store yesterday to use as payment online. They should sort this out!

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