Saturday, 14 May 2011

Beauty Bric-a-brac

I got a few beauty items in the last week; they're all new products that I've never used before and want to give it a go.

Dermatologica Gentle Cream Exfoliant: I heard great things about this exfoliant from Lisa Eldridge and totally trust her expertise, she's so talented and professional; I usually use an 'abrasive' scrub on my face twice a week but she explains how these acids work on your skin ad I'm happy to use something gentler but just as effective. Also, they sent me some samples which is always a big plus wherever to buy on one website or another. From

Dr Nick Lowe Dark Circles Correcting Cream: that's my main issue in this area - dark circles!!!!; i don't get bags but I'm quite self-conscious about pigmentation underneath my eyes (apparently it's also a sign of allergies and it totally makes sense, Miss allergy myself!). I've never tried a brightening cream as such before - I use eye cream regularly but regular, moisturising ones. I heard Shiseido does a good one but couldn't find it for less than £35 so I thought to give this one a go first. From eBay shop.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream: this is a classic - first time try also. I bought it on sale on, love the packaging but I'm not thrilled about the smell. As mentioned before, my allergies, I suffer from rushes on my lips often so I wanna try this to calm any flares ( also, the cream/gel is so thick that I can't imagine actually use it on my skin).

Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF30: this products sounds honestly genius!!! Basically it's sun protection powder to use throughout the day to top up your SPF. it's not a substitute to your morning cream application but sooooo practical to keep in your bag everyday and brush yourself when needed (instead of messy creams). I got it now because I'm going in Italy next week and will be the best location to test-drive. Also comes in SPF45. From

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