Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas 2014 / L'Occitane Arlesienne Collection

The new fragrance from L’Occitane is called Arlesienne. The inspiration comes from the lands of the south of France with a strong, tenacious, mysterious woman.
It’s a floral scent that  includes notes of rose, saffron and violet - with violet, especially, coming through and enveloping the senses. 
Personally, I love it! I don’t usually go for floral scents and prefer more powdery perfumes but the wintery twist makes it quite delicate, not sickening and euphoric.

The design of the whole collection is beautiful too and inspired by the lively dance of the Arlesiennes. 
The crafted glass bottles and the rose gold metal accents gives a romantic turn of the century appeal; furthermore, the labels are embellished with a feminine and elegant floral print, same as the colourful skirts of these dancers.

Arlesienne is becoming part of the permanent line of L’Occitane with an Eau de Toilette, Shower Cream, Beauty Milk, Velvet Hand Cream, Perfumed Soap and Body Oil that are going to be available all year round, but there are also some Limited Edition items that you can pick up now and are going to make fab presents to give someone for Christmas - Hair Mist, Beautifying Powder, Gorgeous Lips,  Solid Perfume and Perfumed Candle.

The collection is available nationwide and online now, starting from only £8... go on, treat yourself - you know yout want to! ;)


  1. I can totally see how the packaging is inspired by those dancers - so lovely :) xxx

  2. this looks so lovely, such pretty packaging xx


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