Monday, 15 September 2014

Marks & Spencer Haul

I love visiting in the Marks & Spencer Beauty Hall - It's truly a pleasure to browse in the white and pristine aisles, it's kinda of a calming experience and I have discovered several interesting brands and products. 
You can also find some fab offers and in my most recent trip, I picked up the APIVITA Cleansing Purifying Tonic Lotion and APIVITA Lip Care with Chamomile.
The toner is very gentle on the skin and a tad astringent, whilst the lip balm has become one of my all time favourite. I actually went back and I bought a few back ups and pretty chuffed with the 50p price  - I've seriously become addicted to it!

A shout out to the M&S own line too, if you have not tried it out yet. The products are really cheap and often in 3x2; my personal favourite is the Fig & Orange Oil scent but they have a huge variety for every taste. The line is also vast, including body lotions, bubble bath, hand cream, lip balms...

Have you tried any of these products? Do you shop in Marks & Spencer?


  1. Just found your blog... I love it! These products look so good, thanks for sharing!

    1. glad you like them, thanks for reading :)


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