Thursday, 5 December 2013

Xmas Ideas / Urban Decay Shattered Face Case

I think the Urban Decay Shattered Face Case* tops the chart for the coolest Christmas present of 2013. 
First - it's Urban Decay, second - it's the ultimate complete palette with 5 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, highlighter, eyeliner and lip gloss! And third - the double-decker design is pretty cool too.

 The case is compact and sturdy enough that you can throw it into your luggage for your next city break or carry it around in your handbag for a day-to-night transformation. For both occasions, you have everything you need - It holds an excellent array of products and 2 full size mirrors, too.

The eyeshadows selection is very clever and simply perfection: a mix of browns and neutrals with a gorgeous purple, for good measure.
Bleach and Minor Sin are the all over lid pale, base colours; bleach is a matte yellowy beige and Minor Sin is a light pink with gold shimmer.
Shakedown and Nameless are the 2 brown toned shadows, yet very different; Shakedown has a warm, gold undertone and metallic finish, whilst Nameless is a satin taupe with prevalent grey undertone. 
Finally, Remix is a shimmery deep purple colour and metallic finish.

l-r: bleach, minor sin, shakedown
l-r: remix, nameless

The blushes and highlighter have the same superior quality of the eyeshadows; the new powder formula applies smoothly and blends seamlessly into the skin.
Overexposed is a matte muted rose colour - Temper is also a matte, cool toned medium pink; Glint - the highlighter and my favourite - is a finely milled peachy gold, not chalky at all and very flattering on the cheekbones.

l-r: overexposed, temper, glint

The 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero is your perfect  basic liner to add depth to the eyes and the quality of these pencils is well-known. 
The Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Lovechild is the prettiest shade of pink that will flatter most skintones; it has blue undertone, an incredible glossy finish and great pigmentation. It's love!

 I can't get over how compact it is and still full of goodies inside... and even better, it's a true bargain for £30, I think.
It was instant love for this palette! There is not one single colour that I'm not gonna use and it has already become an essential for my everyday looks!


  1. £30 is an amazing price for this palette! I have the old version of the 'Lovechild' lipstick and it's one I really like. xxx
    p.s. I think my goodies have arrived, it's just every time I've been down to reception to collect them, there is never anybody there! They are useless but I'll definitely be able to get them on Saturday!

    1. hehe, not to worry. I hope they arrived intact! :) xxx

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  3. What a beautiful Palette! Love the Swatches ,great Colours! The Blushes are my Favorites!


  4. I had been eyeing this for a while , all the shades are gorgeous

    1. hehe, you should treat yourself… it's so worth it!

  5. This looks fab, I'd be happy to receive this as a gift! xx

    Quite Frankly She Said - UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. you should pop it on Santa's list… and fingers crossed ;) xx


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