Saturday, 12 October 2013

Review / Goldwell Style Sign Curl Twist Around

Since going ombre' last week, I started curling my hair regularly - I think a loose curl or beach wave really enhance the look.
My problem is that my hair is beyond straight and don't hold any styling for more than a couple of hours.
Also, most of the styling products that I've seen on the market needs to be applied on wet hair which is a totally no-no for my hair type.
Then, I recently came across the Goldwell Style Sign Curl Twist Around* which can be used on dry hair too.

It is one of these two-phase products that you need to shake and mix before use; it delivers a super fine mist to moist the hair just to the perfect degree and I like to brush my hair afterwards to help distribute it uniformly.
It has a hold no.3 and it has been working wonders for my fine straight hair: the curls last for 2 days and I usually 'refresh' them on the 3rd morning. This is the perfect routine for me, since I typically wash my hair every three days, and I don't find that it makes my hair any greasier.
It also provides colour protection and heat protection up to 200 degrees, which is definitely a must for me!

You can buy this spray for a bargain £6.25 on, the Uk's leading online retailer for hair care, hair extensions and beauty products. Have you tried any Goldwell product before?


  1. This sounds great and the bottle is a cool design too.
    Your hair looks amazing btw! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. thanks sweetie :) It's a great hair tool, definitely my current must have! x

  2. Love your Hair Style ,looks great!

    kisses :)

  3. Yay, curls + ombré looks so pretty :)


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